The Sinus Lift cost: average price, graft prices, and factors to consider

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We already know by now a sinus lift is crucial for stable and healthy implants. Now we come to the next chapter, the one about sinus lift cost, from our full guide on “Sinus Lift”. 

First of all, the sinus lift cost can differ from patient to patient according to what the situation demands. For example, some patients do not need a sinus lift on both sides. In that case, they only pay for a sinus lift on one side. 

On the other hand, it also depends on the bone graft material chosen for the grafting process. Your dentist helps you make a decision best for your oral health and budget. Each material available has a different price so make sure to ask your dentist before the surgery. Check the details and prices of the grafting materials in this article below.

Finally, it also depends on the sinus lifting technique best for your dental situation. Dentists first check the amount of bone loss and then decide which technique will suit you more. 

In this chapter, we will try and cover all the details of the various factors that influence the sinus lift cost.

How much does a sinus lift cost?

If you are interested in getting implants because you lost teeth, there is a high probability you need sinus lifting to prepare your upper jaw for an implant.

In case you are wondering how much does a bone graft cost in a sinus lift surgery, here are the prices of sinus lift and bone grafting for your convenience:

Sinus Lift TypePatient’s RequirementAvg minimum costAvg maximum costSinus lift + graft cost
Lateral Window or open surgeryOne side (left or right)$1,500$3000$3000 + $1,500
Lateral Window or open surgeryBoth sides$3000$5000$5000 + $3000
Osteotome surgeryOne side (left or right)$800$2000$2000 + $1,500
Osteotome surgeryBoth sides$2000$4,500$4,500 + $3000


How much does a lateral window sinus lift cost?

The average cost for a Lateral Window Sinus lift lies somewhere around 1,500$ to 3000$ for one side and $3000 to $5000 for both sides. Please check the average cost table given below to check the price of the sinus lift lateral window technique along with bone grafting.

What is the cost of an Osteotome sinus lift?

Compared to a Lateral Window sinus lift, Osteotome is a less invasive technique and can only be performed on patients with at least 6-7mm of bone available. There is no need for creating an opening into the jaw bone to place graft material in this method. The dentist places the material through the tooth socket and places an implant with a healing cap right after it.

Since it is a shorter and less invasive technique, it costs less than a Lateral Window technique. The average cost of an Osteotome Sinus Lift comes to somewhere between $800 to $2000. Dentists also place an implant in the same surgical procedure so the price increases according to the number of implants you need. 

How much does a bone graft cost?

The total sinus lift cost depends a lot on the bone graft material the patient chooses. 

Bone grafting is the most important part of sinus lift surgery because it allows the dentist to repair bone loss through regenerative grafting. Without bone grafting, implant placement is impossible. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a grafting material that suits your oral health as well as your budget.

So, how much does a bone graft cost? Here is a look at the prices of sinus lift bone graft materials that patients can choose before the surgery and with the dentist’s advice:

Sinus lift bone graft materialSinus lift requirementAvg minimum priceAvg Max price
Autogenic (patient’s bone)Single side (right or left)$1,500$2,500
Autogenic (patient’s bone)Both sides$3000$5000
Allogeneic (donor bone)Single side (right or left)$1,200$3,500
Allogeneic (donor bone)Both sides $2000$4000
XenograftSingle side (right or left)$800$2,500
XenograftBoth sides$1000$3000
Synthetic graftSingle side (right or left)$700$1000
Synthetic graftboth sides $1,500$3000

Note: Not every clinic offers alternative graft materials, therefore, it is better to check with the clinic you choose beforehand. Moreover, the total cost may increase if you need additional treatments such as tooth extraction or cleaning. 

What affects the cost in this treatment?

Before cost estimation, it is important to know if you need a sinus augmentation procedure. It is important to get in touch with a qualified prosthodontist or oral surgeon for a dental examination. Since sinus lift is related to the upper jaw bone, a thorough inspection is necessary before the price is quoted.

There are three factors that affect the sinus lift cost:

  • What is the Severity of Bone Loss
  • The right Sinus Lift Technique or Method
  • Which sinus lift bone graft material to use?

What is the Severity of Bone Loss

The sinus lift cost depends on the amount of bone loss in the upper jaw area. The alveolar bone of the upper jaw begins to deteriorate and recede due to several reasons.

The cost varies according to the assessment of how much bone loss there is – i.e. if one side is affected or both. The average cost of a sinus lift, however, is 1,500$ to 2,500$ and goes up if you need it on the other side too. 

If you need additional treatments before a sinus lift such as tooth extraction, the cost may go further up.

Since there is a limited amount of bone loss in such a situation, dentists perform an extraction and sinus lift procedure at the same time. However, it highly depends on the situation of the patient, and dentists act according to it.

The right Sinus lift technique or Method

After a dental assessment, the dental surgeon determines the sinus lift technique more suitable for you.

The lateral Window technique or open sinus lift surgery is the most widely used technique for sinus augmentation. It is more suitable for patients with severe bone loss in the upper jaw alveolar bone region. Since it is a long and tedious procedure, its price is higher than the other techniques.

Are there any cheaper sinus lift surgery alternatives?

No, there is no alternative to sinus lift surgery. Many patients opt for short implants if they completely want to avoid maxillary sinus elevation. Short implants are shorter in length than standard implants, usually below 10mm. For short implants, one does not need a sinus augmentation procedure.

Short implants are great for people who suffer from extreme dental phobia and do not want to go through any invasive surgical procedures. However, their success rate is relatively much lower than full-length implants, so they do not survive as much as full-length implants.

How much does a sinus lift add to the cost of an implant?

The average sinus lift cost also depends on the type you need and whether or not you need it on one or both sides. Once that is determined and how many implants you need, the average cost of the overall treatment can be estimated. With a typical all-on-4 dental implants package that costs $10,000 to $30,000, you can expect the total cost to rise by $1,500 to $5000 with a sinus lift. On average, you can expect the overall price to rise by $1,500 to $5000 depending on the extent of bone loss. 

Is a sinus lift covered by Medicare or any other medical insurance?

Dental insurances such as Medicare and NHS do not cover sinus lift procedures for extensive dental treatments such as dental implants. However, you can opt for cheaper facilities such as dental schools or medical loans that offer discounted offers and prices. The best thing is to check with your nearest health care insurance provider to find a deal that suits you the best. 

What is the cost of a sinus lift x-ray and other tests?

Since sinus lifting is a semi-invasive procedure, it needs a thorough inspection from the dentist’s end. To get to the root of the problem, dentists need to run several tests. Before the surgery, dentists take a panoramic X-ray or CBCT scan to evaluate the condition of the maxillary alveolar bone and natural teeth. The average cost of sinus lift X-rays and other tests lies between $130 to $150. You can get in touch with our representative too for a break-up of prices related to the maxillary sinus elevation surgery. 

Is a sinus lift worth the money?

A sinus lift is definitely worth the money because it is a corrective treatment that allows safe dental implant placement. Since it aims to reconstruct the bone structure of maxillary alveolar bone, your implants can also last for a long time. If you lost teeth and did not get replacement treatment, there is a high probability you need it because of bone loss. Not only does maxillary sinus elevation prepares the upper jaw for implants, but it also improves jaw alignment and facial asymmetry. Overall, there is much more to gain than lose from this treatment.


The average sinus lift cost depends on several factors. It all boils down to the situation of the patient and how much bone loss there is in the maxillary alveolar bone. Moreover, factors such as graft material, whether or not both sides are affected, the preferable technique, etc. also influence the price.

Maxillary sinus elevation is the most reliable and effective procedure for the reconstruction of the upper jaw bone after its deterioration due to tooth loss. It helps change your smile dramatically and enhances your jaw structure. It may be slightly invasive but it allows dentists to reinvent your smile by placing implants safely. Therefore we can conclude that sinus lifts are crucial for the success of your implants if you want durable and problem-free implants in the future. 

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