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This is the fourth step of your 4 parts journey into the complete guide on deep cleaning.

Here we are! The last chapter of our deep teeth cleaning procedure. Yes, we are talking about deep cleaning teeth cost. When it comes to dental treatments, the cost of the procedure can play a massive role in the process. So let’s see what we are dealing with. Deep cleaning cost varies depending on where you get it done whether it be in a different country or city. It also depends on your dentist.

How much do deep teeth cleaning cost?

In dentistry, the quadrant refers to a quarter of the mouth and the teeth in that part. The cost of deep cleaning can be anywhere from €150 to €350 per quadrant. Remember this is the baseline, so if you request anesthesia or sedation that can add to the total price of your deep cleaning procedure. This could be from €35 to €55.

For your dentist to be able to do a thorough deep cleaning treatment dental x-ray would be needed. A dental x-ray would show the damage below the gum line and if there is any bone loss. The x-ray would range from €110 to €310.

Deep teeth cleaning usually takes more than one appointment. In each appointment, your dentist will clean two quadrants. So most probably you will need two deep cleaning appointments. This brings us to needing debridement. But what is that? In some cases, the buildup of plaque is so much that the dentist will need to do regular cleaning in order to get rid of the plaque buildup to be able to examine the teeth properly. Depending on the plaque buildup and tartar the dental appointment can take about 60 minutes or more. In severe cases, you might even need a second appointment for regular cleaning. Dental debridement could cost anywhere from €75 to €150.

Price in Turkey Price in the USA Price in the UK Price in Europe
Average deep teeth cleaning €340 – €580 €860 – €2310 €780 – €2200 €700 – €2000
Deep cleaning of gums €320 – €560 €840 – €2220 €760 – €2100 €670 – €1800
Laser deep cleaning €360 – €600 €880 – €2400 €800 – €2310 €730 – €2200

What does affect the cost?

As we said the average cost could vary, but the factors that affect it are here:

  • Number of teeth being cleaned (quadrant)
  • Dental x-rays
  • Using anesthesia or not
  • Number of appointments
  • If debridement is needed
  • Insurance

We are not trying to confuse you, quite the opposite actually. We will go through each and every step, so you will have a clear understanding of dental cleaning costs and what affects them.

The average cost of deep cleaning teeth

The average cost of deep cleaning teeth could start anywhere from €860 to €2310. Remember this is just an estimation, and it could change based on your location and dentist as well. Also, this is deep cleaning teeth cost without insurance.

The future is here: laser deep cleaning teeth cost

Every day we see advancements in technology in dental care and oral health. One of these advancements is the laser deep cleaning procedure. Instead of using scalers or ultrasonic scalers, the dentist uses a laser to get under your gum line, therefore, there is no need to pull back the gum tissue to reveal the tooth roots reducing the risk of gum recession after a dental cleaning. This procedure can be used to treat advanced gum disease, but it can also be used to treat other gum issues as well.

As you might have guessed already, this procedure is a bit more expensive than professional teeth cleanings you would normally get.

A laser deep cleaning teeth cost can start from €800 to €2700 depending on the advancement of gum disease in the patient.

In the table below, you can find the average price range of deep cleaning treatment in Turkey set against the high prices in the USA and Europe.

Is deep cleaning teeth covered by insurance?

So far, we have talked about the factors that affect the price of dental scaling and root planing procedures. And another important factor is insurance. This is more of a controversial question since it depends on the insurance plan that you have. Also whether you have dental insurance or not. But for the most part, we can say yes deep cleaning teeth cost is covered by insurance the main focus being most. Dental insurance coverage varies based on location and the company that offers it. It is important to remember that regular dentist visits and preventative procedures are mostly part of dental insurance coverage.

Insurance plans in different countries

When you put all the prices mentioned together it sounds really pricy. Well, the cost without insurance usually is. But even with dental insurance, you have to check with the company. Most insurance companies offer dental insurance plans that cover regular teeth cleanings up to twice a year which means they will be free. When it comes to deep cleaning teeth costs depending on your plan it usually covers 50% to 80% of your deep cleaning process. This is only for the first two appointments with dentists. If you require any more deep cleaning appointments they will come out of your own pocket.

Medicaid or CHIP

Medicaid is a federal state program in the US helping low-income adults, pregnant women, and the elderly. CHIP or the Children’s Health Insurance Program is part of Medicaid specific to children. If you are eligible for any of the plans at Medicaid you won’t be paying for your basic dental services but this could vary based on state. You can check their website for more information.


If you are getting your professional teeth cleaning in the UK, the National Health Service also known as NHS is what you deal with when it comes to deep teeth cleaning costs. If your dentist says it is necessary for you to get your teeth deep cleaned then it will be completely covered by NHS, and it is free for you. But if it is not a gum disease treatment or it is a dental cosmetic procedure then it won’t be covered by NHS.

If you belong to any of these categories your dental treatment would be completely covered by NHS and free of charge.

  • 18 years old or younger
  • 19 years old and in full-time education
  • Pregnant or had a baby in the past 12 months
  • Low-income (students and pensioners)

Should you consider deep cleaning in Turkey?

Yes, Turkey is one of the top-ranked countries for dental tourism. With great dental services that include excellent dentists and high-end dental tools, it is no wonder Turkey has become a popular destination not only for a holiday but also for dental procedures. So Turkey could be a great option to consider for deep teeth cleaning.

Is it worth it to travel to Turkey for a deep cleaning?

If you just look at the price of the procedures you might think it’s a steal! But there are other things that add to the price like plane tickets, transportation, and accommodations. So coming to Turkey just for a deep cleaning procedure doesn’t seem such a logical move. But if you are planning to visit Turkey for another major procedure or even a holiday you could consider dental scaling and root planing while you are visiting. Not only you will have a great time but also your teeth would look beautiful in the pictures as well!

As for the dental cleaning costs, deep cleaning is not as pricy as other dental procedures but still, you can have it done at a pocket friendlier price if you talk with your insurance company. Deep teeth cleaning without insurance can be costly.

Is a deep cleaning for teeth in Turkey safe?

Yes, it is. We know safety is important and when it comes to dental procedures it’s the same. But the first thing to remember is that deep teeth cleaning is an invasive procedure that generally doesn’t involve major risks. So getting deep teeth cleaning in Turkey wouldn’t cause any trouble for you at all.

We are going to leave you with this, don’t skip your regular dentist visits and get the routine cleanings to avoid major dental issues. A deep cleaning procedure plays a major role in preventing periodontal disease. So make sure you talk about it with your dentist and if necessary get it done.

At Dentfix your dental hygiene and health are our priorities.

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