Dental implant cost, average prices, financing: what do you need to know?

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Chapter 5

Let’s talk about dental implant cost. We are well aware we cannot write a complete guide on dental implants without talking about the dental implant cost. You may have skipped a few chapters to read this one. We understand, however, we suggest you follow the guide as it’s created in the perfect order for you to understand all of it step by step.

When it comes to costs, dental implants rank in the higher price range of dental treatments. This is because a dental implant procedure is a lifelong procedure and requires lengthy preparations and surgeries.

In this guide we will talk about the prices of individual types of dental implants, the price averages keeping in mind the costs of different clinics, different countries, brands, and continents.

We hope this will help you get an idea of dental implant cost and to get your implants safe and sound. 

How much does a dental implant cost?

Before starting any treatment, it is important to keep in mind about dental implant cost. When it comes to dental implants, keep in mind that these are not the most accessible of treatments. It is a solution that requires significant surgical work and will be a permanent and lifelong solution for the patient. This makes them high-quality implants but also slightly expensive.

Furthermore, the price changes according to the type of system chosen. A single implant will not cost as much as a full mouth implant. Just as an all-on-four system won’t cost as much as a single one.

In this chapter, we will go through the prices of dental implants. You might be confused by the prices so different between minimum and maximum. Keep in mind that in this article we consider different countries,  different types of dental implant process, continents, different materials, and types of implants. This will help you get a general idea. For prices in Turkey, see Chapter 6.

So, how much does a dental implant cost? Here’s how much:

Type of Implant Min Price  Max Price
Single Implant 1.000$ 5.000$
All-On-Four 3.500$ 15.000$
All-On-Six 4.500$ 18.000$
Bridge Implant 4.000$ 30.000$
Full Mouth Implant 5.000$ 100.000$
Consultation fee 0$ 500$

If you’re curious, please get in touch for a complimentary consultation!

The average cost of dental implants

If you want to have an idea about the average price of dental implants here’s the part for you. Keep in mind this is an average worldwide and not consider different brands and other factors. For example, every clinic sets prices differently even in the same country and using the same materials for implant surgery. This should help just get an idea. Also, in your implant consultation, you have to ask if a bone graft is necessary. This will make the price higher and you should clarify that during the initial consultation.

Let’s check the average cost of dental implant:

Type of Implant Average Price
Single Implant 3.000$
All-On-Four 9.500$
All-On-Six 11.500$
Bridge Implant 18.500$
Full Mouth Implant 50.000$
Consultation fee 200$

At Dentfix we offer extremely advantageous and affordable prices. For a free consultation and your treatment plans get in touch with us!

What’s the all on 4 dental implants cost?

All-on-four implants costs are much less expensive compared to the option of getting four different single implants. Generally speaking, all-on-four implants cost an average of $ 9,500, with prices typically starting around $ 3,500 and going up to $ 15,000.

What’s the cost of full-mouth dental implants?

Another good option to save some money is to get a full-mouth implant. Even if they may seem expensive, they’re so much more affordable compared to single tooth options. Full-mouth implants can go up to 100.000$ for the cost of implants in expensive countries and cities, for example in Canada or the US. The average price is 50.000$. It may be a good option for you to consider countries allowing you to get a cheaper cost.

What are the most expensive dental implants?

The most expensive implants, in general, are full mouth implants, especially if we consider Swiss dental implants, considered the gold standard of dental implants.

What are the least expensive dental implants?

The least expensive implants are, usually, single implants with Korean brand implants. This will be your most affordable option but it won’t be enough if you need more than one tooth.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

You may be wondering why dental implants are so expensive. Actually, dental implants are the most expensive dental treatment out there. Well, if you don’t keep in mind people applying diamonds on their teeth. Which we won’t discuss here. If we have to summarize why they’re so expensive we can just say: it’s a surgery. Also, it’s a slightly invasive surgery. This requires a lot of hard work.

But let’s get into details.

  • Surgery: dental implant surgery actually requires two surgeries, one of which is extensive and requires inserting a metal implant into the jawbone. It could be three if you need bone graft surgeries. You can understand that this procedure is extremely delicate and requires the time, attention, and materials of a highly specialized expert and licensed dentist and oral surgeon.
  • Quality of Materials: It’s not easy to create something that is strong enough to be a substitute for the root of your teeth. It requires high-quality materials and passes tests for durability, biocompatibility, and safety. This requires costly materials. Also, prices go up when we consider dental prostheses. Whether they are crowns, bridges, or dentures, these prostheses are expensive because they require the highest quality materials.
  • The Dental Lab: part of the cost of a dental implant goes to the laboratories and brands that provide customized dental implants and prostheses for you. Both parts of an implant are particularly expensive and the dentist doesn’t pick the cost, the manufacturer does.
  • Technology: dental implants have the highest technology and this requires expensive materials, knowledge, and materials and expert people creating these implants.
  • Dental Work: the dentist will need at least three office visits and a lot of work to get your dental implants on. This takes time and it’s part of why dental implants may seem so expensive.
  • Doctor’s Experience: an experienced and qualified doctor will have a higher cost than an inexperienced one. This is how it is in every single field, so if you want a quality safe experience and a good doctor in oral surgery you may notice an increase in price. However, this will make you feel safer during office visits.

Are dental implants worth the cost?

How much is a beautifully perfect and healthy smile worth? That’s up to you to say but we can say with no doubt that if you want a beautiful, aesthetic, and custom-made smile with a safe dental implant that cannot be extremely cheap. When you think if they’re worth it think about 3 factors:

  • Durability: lifetime. Literally, a dental implant lasts a lifetime and you won’t need to replaced it after a few years. Furthermore, it does not require any type of maintenance other than proper oral hygiene and proper care. This means that it won’t cost you anything in the future.
  • Investment: Precisely because they last a lifetime and won’t replace them, dental implants are an investment in your oral health, dental health and a new smile that looks beautiful and works perfectly.
  • Function: the lack of teeth is not only a problem on an aesthetic level but also on a functional level. You may have problems with closing your teeth, problems with speaking, chewing and living a quiet everyday life.
  • Aesthetic: In addition to the functional benefits of a dental implant, and restorative care, you will be extremely pleased with the aesthetic benefits of this procedure. You will have a healthy, beautiful and highly aesthetic smile.

Does dental insurance cover implants?

Dental insurances usually assume that dental implants are “elective”, therefore not covered by the insurance. In recent years, however, this is changing and some insurance companies are starting to cover the cost of the plants.

The problem remains with the amount of cost coverage. Only a small part of the procedure is covered, usually around $ 1000-1500 per year.

Health reimbursement (HRA) Flexible spending (FSA), and health savings accounts (HSA) can cover dental implants. The percentage or amount covered by the insurance can vary and is usually only a small part of the total cost.

When are dental implants medically necessary?

Dental implants are great if you face minor dental flaws but sometimes they are medically necessary. In dentistry, it is a matter of cosmetic treatments vs restorative treatments. If you are getting them to improve the appearance of your smile, they have cosmetic benefits. However, if needed for treatment of significant issues such as receding bone or missing tooth, they have restorative purposes.

The most common reasons why implants are medically necessary include bone recession, gum recession, loose teeth, tooth decay, missing teeth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and they are affecting the rest of your teeth, implants are necessary for you. From the medical perspective, implants fix bite problems, progressive periodontal disease, alveolar bone loss, sinus issues, etc. They have plenty of cosmetic advantages but medically they save you from many permanent dental issues.

A proper dental evaluation is necessary to be sure that implants are medically necessary for you. Dentists first run X-rays and check the condition of your teeth. If there is extensive damage and the alternatives cannot solve the issue, dentists advise implants. Rest assured, if someone gets an implant, their dental health improves drastically and they also help with an overbite or underbite.

Many factors are there to consider but the most important ones are your budget and condition. Since implants replace a tooth down from the root, they are medically more beneficial and solve many dental issues. You cannot expect to solve the same issues with alternatives such as bridges or dentures. Therefore, we recommend you to go for a proper solution rather than finding temporary solutions. There are many dental clinics that offer affordable packages for implants. Turkey is progressing rapidly in the implant industry and the best most modern technology is within your reach.

How to get dental implants covered by medical insurance?

To get reimbursed for dental implant costs, you must first have coverage on implants. You should already have an idea of what your insurance covers and how much is covered annually. If you are interested in dental implants you should contact your insurance company to understand the procedure for requesting reimbursement on expenses.

How can normal people afford dental implants?

There are two options for those who don’t have a huge budget but want to have dental implants: financing options and medical tourism. Applying for a loan allows you to divide the expense into monthly payments for a certain period of time. Usually, they are divided into at least one year, to reach up to 10 years. Another method is to choose medical tourism and travel to countries with much cheaper prices. This greatly reduces the cost of dental implants making them more accessible to everyone, regardless of the patient’s budget.

Can I ask for financing for dental implants?

Some dentists provide financing options to help patients pay comfortably in monthly installments. At other times, some patients turn to private institutions or banks to receive a loan and financing options to be able to divide the payment into monthly installments.

You should get in touch with your dentist or your bank to understand if they have financing options fit for you.

How much will my dental implants cost?

Each dental implant must be customized according to the needs and requirements of the patient. This means that the price will also change according to the treatment and solutions needed by the patient. The only way to find out how much your dental implant will cost is to request a consultation. For example, some may need bone grafting, others just implant treatment.

If you are curious about the cost of the dental implant, contact us for a free consultation.

If the implant gets rejected, can I ask for a refund?

Well, no. Surgeries are not products purchased from an online store with a warranty and right of ask for a refund. Doctors cannot predict implant rejection, and the body has its own rules that doctors sometimes cannot predict. Although some clinics – such as Dentfix – have a lifetime warranty on the implant, there is no refund for rejection. This is because the work has been carried out, the materials have been used, etc.

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