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Welcome to the last chapter of our guide on dentures: “Dentures in Turkey”. Here, we are going to reveal all the information you need on dentures in Turkey. From prices to travel documents and tourist attractions, we cover everything for you here.

There are various denture varieties available in Turkey for you to choose from. You can pick a type of denture that suits your budget and dental situation. The best way for you to start is to pick a dental clinic and get in touch with their teams to get all the info you need. This article can guide you on how you can pick a dental clinic in Turkey for dentures and how to plan your trip in the best way possible.

Here is all the info you need on dentures in Turkey and things to know and do before you come here!

How much are dentures in Turkey?

The cost of dentures in Turkey depends on the kind of dentures you need. There are plenty of varieties available, for example, fixed, removable, hybrid, etc. Various factors affect the price such as the patient’s requirement (complete or partial dentures) and preferable material. A dental evaluation is important to determine the needs of the patient.

Turkey is synonymous with affordability in comparison to other countries. It is no exception for cosmetic dentures because you can get the same quality as anywhere in the world but at a much lower price. With a quick look at the table we have provided here you can see the price differences in Turkey and other parts of the world:

Types of dentures  Turkey the USA the UK Europe
Surgical/Snap-on dentures $750 – $1,500 $2,250 – $15,000 $6,750 – $24,000 $2,000 – $4,000
Removable dentures (acrylics) $450 – $750 $1,050 – $1,500 $1,050 – $2,250 $550 – $1000
Overdentures $1,500 – $1,750 $15,000 – $37,500 $17,000 – $39,000 $2,700 – $8,000
Hybrid fixed dentures (metal base + porcelain) $1,500 – $3,750 $15,000 – $37,000 $17,000 – $39,000 $4,000 – $12,000

These prices may change as per foreign currency exchange rates. Prices are also directly proportional to whether you need removable dentures or implant dentures, partial dentures, or full dentures.

Unlike other countries, Turkey offers economical prices for dentures. Prices may be low but the quality is the same as anywhere else in the world. Thus, it is a win-win for someone who wants cheap prices but also quality dental work.

Why exactly are dentures affordable in Turkey?

Dentistry is relatively cheaper in Turkey than in other countries. You might be wondering do cheaper prices mean a compromise on quality?

It may seem like that but it is not the case! There are strict measures for quality control set by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. Nobody can run a business without abiding by these safety measures. Thousands of foreigners flock to Turkey every year for dental treatments. Thus, there is nothing to worry about and if you have any doubts, you can get in touch with us to get important details.

Here are factors that make dentures a lot cheaper in Turkey if you’re considering getting them:

  • High currency exchange rate
  • Cheap living expenses
  • No additional costs
  • Lower cost of training and education
  • Cheaper labor

High currency exchange rate

A big reason why Turkey is cheaper than most countries for dentures and other dental procedures is the high exchange rate. A higher return on currency exchange means you pay much less for the same services. It makes prices a lot more affordable for foreigners, especially from USA and UK.

Cheap living expenses

Another factor that makes Turkey cheaper than other countries is the lower cost of living. Basic expenses of life such as food, transport, and property rents are much cheaper than in other countries. Although global inflation has also affected Turkey this year, it is still much cheaper compared to other nations in the world.

No additional costs

Dentures in Turkey are much cheaper also because there are no additional costs. In other countries, it is usual for clinics to charge extra for miscellaneous services such as lab fees, clinic charges, etc. In Turkey, you are not charged additionally for in-clinic services. It makes the total fee a lot cheaper than in other countries.

Lower cost of training and education

Dental costs and dentures in Turkey are also affected by the fact that the cost of training and education to become a dentist is also lower than in other countries. A bachelor’s degree in dentistry costs around $12,000 to $15,000 per year in Turkey whereas the same costs $20,000 to $80,000 per year in the USA.

Cheaper labor

Dental costs are much lower in Turkey due to cheap labor. This is a direct effect of the lower cost of education. Although that does not mean the labor is not trained. Even with the best-experienced dentists, the overall costs of dental services turn out to be lower in Turkey than in other countries because of cheap labor.

Facts and figures on medical tourism in Turkey

Yes, numbers do make a difference. Here are the latest figures that show Turkey’s potential as a rising dental tourism center in the world:

According to the news portal, News Wise, Turkey’s city Istanbul is among the top ten most fascinating and cheap cities for medical tourism. The research also says it offers a saving potential of 50% – 70% in comparison to other countries in the world.

Turkish dental professionals are on top of their game in dental research. As per official reports, a group of scientists discovered a new technique for strengthening the jaw bone by using body proteins. It shows that Turkey’s dental industry is research-oriented and dentist qualifications are up to date. Research is still underway and will soon be implemented across dental facilities.

Data from the Turkish Statistical Institute reveals that 642,000 foreigners (40,000 Europeans) visited Turkey in 2021. Revenues from the medical tourism industry reached $1.05 billion in 2021 from $550 million in 2020.

How trustworthy are the doctors in Turkey?

Pretty reliable and here’s why you can rely on dentists in Turkey:

  • Competitive education
  • Rigorous training
  • Difficult accreditation process

Competitive education

If you want to become a dentist in Turkey, 5 years of study in the field is mandatory. After 5 years of study, students must pass the DUS exam (Diş hekimliği Uzmanlık Sınavı) to become specialist dentists. Thus, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a dentist in Turkey.

Challenging training process

Dentists cannot practice in Turkey unless they follow a step-by-step training process. Besides the 5 years of study, they must complete a year to specialize in a field of preference to practice.

Many dentists even go to North America and Europe for further training. It is impossible to practice and cater to international clientele without years of training.

Difficult accreditation process

Dentists in Turkey are also reliable because it is hard to get a license for private practice. Every dentist must be a member of the Turkish Dental Association to practice legally.

For cosmetic dentistry, they must join the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. The Ministry of Health also has strict criteria for medical tourism. Thus, if clinics are unable to provide these documents, they cannot get a license.

All the info on your travel to Turkey for dentures

Many people reach out to us with queries regarding dentures in Turkey. Here are a couple of concerns people usually have before coming to Turkey for dentures:

Important documents you need to enter Turkey

Traveling to Turkey for dentures is easy provided your necessary documents are sorted. There are three types of entry requirements and one you need depends on your country:

  • Stamped visa from the Turkish consulate in your country
  • Visa on arrival
  • Valid ID card or passport
  • E-visa

Countries that only need to show a valid ID card or passport upon arrival include:

  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Georgia
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • The Netherlands
  • Malta
  • Liechtenstein
  • Germany

If you are from one of the above-mentioned countries, make sure you carry a valid ID card to avoid complications on arrival.

If you are not from these countries, you may qualify for a visa on arrival or E-visa.

You can check your visa requirements on the official website of Turkey’s Foreign Affairs Department.

What to do if you are a NON-EU citizen?

If you hail from a NON-EU country, you either qualify for a visa on arrival, E-visa, or a stamped visa from the Turkish consulate in your country. If you are planning to visit, you must check the visa requirements to avoid troubles at Turkey’s border control. You can check the documents needed for E-visa, visa on arrival, or stamped visa from the consulate HERE.

If you still cannot understand the visa process, our representatives will be happy to help you!

How long do patients have to stay in Turkey for denture treatment?

Your stay in Turkey for dentures depends on the type of denture you need and your dental situation. The process can last from a week to several months. The process usually gets longer if you need extractions or other invasive dental treatments.

If you are looking for immediate dentures and do not need extractions, it may just take 3-5 days. Whereas, it may take a few weeks if you need extractions because the surgical area needs to heal before final placement.

For dental implant dentures, you must visit Turkey twice. On the first visit, your dentist will extract teeth and take necessary impressions for implants and dentures. On your second visit after 4-6 months, once your wounds heal, the dentist places your dentures. They can either be snap-on or fully fixed dental implant dentures. If you still do not understand the process, get in touch with us today!

Which airport is better in Istanbul for arrival/departure?

The airport you decide for your arrival/departure depends on your convenience and the airline you choose. There are two functional airports in Istanbul at the moment.

  • Sabiha Gökçen Airport: This is the older airport of the two in Istanbul. It is situated on the Asian side of the city and far from the city center. Most international airlines travel to and from this airport so you can pick one that suits you without any fears. We can pick you up from any airport at whatever time you reach.
  • Istanbul Airport: This airport is one of the biggest in the world and has more capacity. Most direct flights to Istanbul come to Istanbul Airport. It is nearer to the city centers so it would be much easier for you to reach the airport without worrying about traffic delays. Plus it is nearer to all the tourist sites and the best hotels in town.

Which airline is the best for traveling to Turkey?

Due to its central location, almost all airlines fly to Turkey, especially Istanbul. You can find direct and connecting flights to Istanbul. You can check out all the flights flying from your location to Istanbul Turkey here at Google Flights.

Can my partner accompany me without being charged extra?

Yes, anyone who wants to accompany you during the trip can come with you. There won’t be any extra charges as long as they stay in the same room as you. If you get a separate hotel room, you will be charged extra. There will be additional costs if you ask for an extra bed or other amenities.

How can I pay for my dentures treatment?

There are two ways of paying for dentures in Turkey. It depends on your ease and convenience.

  • Pay via credit card: You can pay for your dentures in Turkey with a credit card. Make sure you ask your bank about international payments before coming.
  • Pay with cash: We also accept payments in cash. You can either pay in local currency (Turkish Liras) or USD/Euros/Pounds.

Must-see places in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the historical capitals of the world and it’s home to many of the most renowned historical sites. From the ruins of the Ottoman Empire to the alluring charm of the Bosphorus, there’s so much to see and discover! Here’s a list of must-see tourist sites in Istanbul:

  • Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Basilica of Sant’Antonio di Padova
  • Dolmabahçe Palace
  • Sulaymaniyah Mosque
  • Church of Santa Maria Draperies
  • The Maiden’s Tower
  • Galata Tower
  • Çamlica Mosque

How to travel within the city?

You can travel across Istanbul through its far-reaching transport system. All you need is the Istanbulkart which costs only 3 Euros. You can buy one from ticket machines available on the transportation floor of the Istanbul Airport. You can top it up and use all the modes of transport at discounted rates.

Do dentures in Turkey come with a warranty?

Yes, dentures in Turkey offer a 3-year long warranty if they break or chip under normal use or there are fitting issues.

The warranty is not applicable if someone drops their denture and breaks them in half. The warranty also does not cover relining in case the patient loses weight or jawbone density.

Is Istanbul safe for tourists?

This is a concern many tourists have when visiting a new country. Rest assured, Turkey is completely safe for tourists. In fact, 2022 has been a busy year for Turkey due to an influx of tourists. You can easily explore Istanbul on foot or by public transport.


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