What to do about tooth pain when dentist is closed: fast solutions for you!

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Did your tooth pain wake up? And wonder what to do about tooth pain when dentist is closed. If you need immediate dental care at this very moment and there is no dental office available now,

It is unfortunate to mention there is no dental emergency care in hospitals around the USA to rely on, therefore you can find ways for the pain to stop fast in the kitchen.

Here’s what to do about tooth pain when dentist is closed. Let’s start!

Here’s what to do about tooth pain when the dentist is closed

Tooth pain is very distracting and makes your center of attention no matter what you may be doing. Therefore, supplements whether natural substances or medications must be available in the house.

Do not panic in emergency cases. In case the doctor’s office is not available and you most probably want fast pain relief. Home remedies will do just fine. Check these recipes for the best results, and also be aware of what to avoid doing.

What not to do in case of an emergency toothache

What you should not do in case of an emergency toothache is panic. Take a deep breath, and relax, no irrational thoughts would make anything any better, therefore, avoid doing the following:

  • Do not take random medicine! Not all painkillers are suitable for such cases, they might disturb the tooth or gum tissues and cause infection or maybe allergies in a matter of minutes or hours.
  • Poking the area with your fingers or objects will cause irritation, and it will only get worse, it might trigger the nerves or just rub bacteria on it which will disturb it more in the future.
  • Do not ignore the pain even if it is not severe. Seek any help, the sooner the better. The pain will activate again and again to severe pain if it was not taken care of.

You may find useful this article talking about what to do for a dental emergency if you need more infos.

What is the best pain reliever for toothache?

How to get rid of a toothache is a basic issue. Tooth pain comes and goes randomly if there was a problem with the tooth. If by chance you’re in a situation where it is unbearable and you need to find a fast solution. Here are some healthy, pain-relieving options if you’re wondering what to do about tooth pain when dentist is closed:

  • Ice pack: Apply a pack of ice on the cheek where the pain is and suppress it with a cloth. This method helps to numb the pain and doesn’t let the inflammation increase. A frozen vegetable pack would work as well.
  • Hot sock: This may not seem like a natural source but if you don’t have a headache from tooth pain, rice up a clean sock and microwave it until it is hot. Then place it on your jawline or where the pain occurred; the warmth will distract the pain away, it is not much but it is temporary pain relief.
  • Warm salt water: A cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt is also a good temporary pain relieving method, this also helps clean the mouth surface and reduce infection.
  • Clove oil/ piece: Clove is a great pain-numbing and natural antibiotic. Apply clove oil on a piece of cotton or a cotton swab in a small portion and hold a bite on the aching tooth. Or if you have clove pieces, you can bite onto one as is and keep a gentle firm bite right on the aching tooth.
  • Garlic clove: The affection of garlic on bacteria is just like garlic to Dracula, it repels it away. Chew on a clove of fresh garlic, it must be cut or crushed; it helps to kill bacteria. It might not have the best taste but it is a strong antibacterial source. Make sure to spit it after usage.
  • Peppermint tea: If you can’t handle a strong rough taste like fresh garlic then this will be both a pleasing and temporal pain reliever. Drink the tea and then place the tea bag on the aching tooth. Peppermint helps fight bacteria.

If you lack natural sources, you can also rely on medications that don’t need a doctor’s consultation or description. Painkillers that have (paracetamol) compounds like Panadol will do just fine, or an alternative solution would be Advil. In addition to pain relief, it also helps you to sleep better at night.

Can you go to the emergency room for tooth pain?

In the USA, there are no dental insurance companies from the government. Citizens should buy health insurance from companies because the government does not provide that to their people. “To add more salt to the wound”, drugs or pills from pharmacies are not included in the insurance.

The government takes place to benefit from hospital incomes by making it more expensive. Meaning that, you break a bone in an accident, then they “break a leg” on getting more money.

Turkey, on the other hand, includes emergencies related to tooth pain. Government and private hospitals welcome citizens whether Turkish or foreigners who are in need of help, you will be treated without booking a dental appointment or an emergency in general.

If you or your loved ones are in unbearable pain related to toothache, then there is always a room in hospitals for an emergency dentist. You will be taken care of and handed prescriptions if needed with a low percentage of the original price, only if you have health insurance.

Unlike the USA, prices are very reasonable in Turkey rather than making you swallow your pain away after hearing the prices. It is similar to UK and Canada on some level.

Will the insurance cover ER for toothache?

The majority of the population in the USA visits hospitals for toothache to seek help. It is not the best option as hospitals are not equipped with dentistry-related tools. You will only be helped by the pain being delayed. This period of time is actually enough to wait until the morning to visit a dentist.

A simple visit for consultation alone can be causing damage to the wallet while your tooth is still not fixed. Dentistry is pricy and worrying at some point for that reason; people delay their visits for a long while until it hits the spot where they think for themselves before the financial issue. However, there are many types of insurance that can come in handy.

You have to pay attention when you buy insurance from private companies, that alone can be expensive but still, it will do less damage than the full price of the surgery or treatment. Carefully read if the insurance covers dental emergencies such as tooth abscess, tooth removal, or root canal treatments. Most insurances cover x-ray and professional cleaning. The more money spent on insurance, the more coverage for the damage.


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