Are tooth gems safe? Fashion accessory or oral health hazard?

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There is always an extraordinary and even avant-garde side of fashion. It’s about how we want to appear and express ourselves. Some may even do that by planting a diamond in the middle of their forehead. Crazy isn’t it? Okay, Lil Uzi Vert’s style may be a little crazy. However, planting gems on your body is not that strange. Think about Drake or Katty Perry. Yes, they also have gems on their bodies. Where? On their teeth! And it sure looks better than a giant diamond on the forehead. But here’s the problem: Is it a good idea to plant shiny stones on your teeth? Are tooth gems safe?

Well, it’s a complicated issue, but these issues are our business. We’re here to inform you everything about the teeth including these shiny little gems. So, in this article, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of tooth gems and we’ll try to find an ultimate answer to the “Are tooth gems safe?” query. Let’s get started.

Tooth gems: Are tooth gems safe or risky to have?

Like all cosmetic or therapeutic dental implants, they also have to be applied professionally to minimize the risks. If they are not applied well, they may put the tooth enamel at risk.

The application process can break or erode the enamel. If there are gaps, food particles can get stuck there. Bacteria feeding on these food residues can multiply and form plaque. This can cause bad breath and even lead to decay in the worst case.

So yes, they can create some risks in possible scenarios.

But that doesn’t mean they eventually and inevitably make your teeth like the Elizabeth I’s. If they are applied carefully, food particles won’t get stuck around. So it’s better to get them from a dental professional. Don’t try it by yourself. But that’s not all. You also show extra care to keep them clean. You have to follow a proper oral hygiene routine. This way you can safely carry brilliant diamond or gold jewels.

Here’s a table of pros and cons of tooth gems, so you can consider and choose the best:

Pros of tooth gems Cons of tooth gems
Looks beautiful & eye-catching Possible discoloration
Will make you smile more Food can stuck
Can hide stains Plaque can accumulate
Non-invasive Damage to tooth enamel
Easy to remove Potential allergic reactions
Affordable Can fall off

We have explained the question are tooth gems safe so far. Now let’s see if they block eating or talking!

Do gems block talking or eating?

Not at all. Correctly applied gems shouldn’t create such problems. If they do, this means something is going wrong with your gems. If you experience these kinds of issues, go consult with your dentist, and get your tooth jewels removed or adjusted. Try not to postpone your visit because problems won’t be solved unless you walk towards them.

Can you feel the tooth gem?

You may feel their presence for a few days, which is normal. But, you will get used to them in no time and won’t feel anything while wearing them.

What are tooth gems?

Tooth gems are small decorative accessory that is attached to the tooth surfaces. Their size, shape, and materials can vary. You can find inexpensive and self-made ones, as well as hundreds of dollars worth of gems.

Today, it is a product that is becoming more and more popular with many famous and popular figures carrying tooth jewels. It has many advantages such as beautifying your smile, covering the stains, and providing a shiny expression.

Tooth gems aren’t actually new accessories either. It is known that even the ancient Mayans used tooth bits and were quite adept at this. Moreover, the Mayans believed that the stones they used had some benefits and were good for their health. Stones engraved on teeth in skulls found in excavations in ancient Mayan sites.

How are they applied?

The whole tooth gem procedure takes around 10 to 15 minutes and is very easy. First, your teeth will be cleaned to remove any debris and be dried. Then, adhesive material will be put on the back of the gem and put on the teeth. The glue will be hardened with UV light to create the bond and excessive substances will be cleaned off. And now, you are ready to show the world your new beautiful smile!

Are they permanent?

No, tooth gems are not permanent. They can last from months to a year, depending on how well you take care of them after the application. Also, because they are professionally bonded with adhesives, tooth gem removal can be done any time you want.

The possibility of gems falling off mentioned above shows they are not permanent as well. Inadequate dental care can weaken the bond of the gems, resulting in them falling off.

Worry not!
If you accidentally swallow them nothing bad will happen and your digestive system will get the job done naturally.

Can you apply tooth gems on your own?

Yes, but you shouldn’t.

It’s always better to get them from a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. The appliance of gems requires dental-grade resin tooth gem glue. If you try it at home with the wrong bonding materials like glue and stuff, you can damage your teeth. Plus, if the gems are not placed correctly, they may cause several problems. For example, you should be sure that there are no gaps under the gems. So it’s best to see a dentist to get it done.

Can everyone have it?

One of the most asked things is “Can people with implants have tooth gems?”.

Implants and crowns are not like your natural teeth. They are made from durable materials, however, if additions should be made to them it should be done under a dental professional’s observation. Generally, it is not recommended to have tooth gems or such additions to people with implants and crowns. But still, you can consult with your dentist and see if you can.

There are also some conditions that make you an unsuitable candidate for tooth gems.

The first of them is tooth decay in the area where the gems will be applied. It is a bad idea to put a gem on a decayed area. Some people may have allergies to the adhesive materials. These people also shouldn’t have tooth gems.

Can they be used with a retainer or braces?

It is not recommended to use tooth gems with braces or retainers. Even the application of the braces is harder when you have braces because the tooth surfaces are covered by brackets and wires. Gems can damage these orthodontic apparatuses. So it’s better to wait until your orthodontic treatment is over to get tooth gems. If you still want them, you should consult with your orthodontist to learn more about your specific situation.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, although it can depend on the person, typically the proper age to get tooth gems is 18 and above.

However, there is no sharp restriction on this subject. People under 18 can get tooth gems with parental approval. But it is definitely not recommended for kids under the age of 12. This is because the teeth of teenage people are still developing. For teeth still in development, these kinds of cosmetic applications can become problematic.

How to properly take care of your gems?

Tooth gem aftercare is an important step once the application is done.

First of all, it’s better not to eat anything and smoke for the first two hours right after tooth gem application. But you can brush after 12 hours. Also, you should avoid alcohol or acidic beverages, sticky and hard foods, and mouthwash for 24 hours. Because the adhesive material is newly applied, it should be protected from exterior effects.

Starting with the first day, you should maintain a good oral hygiene routine and may need to change your brushing technique. That is because pressure can replace these accessories. You should brush the area around the gem to avoid applying too much pressure. But you should keep brushing so the bacteria and plaque can’t accumulate around the gem.

Also, apart from the 24-hour rule, be careful about the hard and sticky food that can dislocate the gems. Highly alcoholic drinks and even alcoholic mouthwashes can abrade the adhesive material as well. So, it’s better to avoid such products and protect your shiny babies as much as you can.

Where should you go to get tooth gems?

Obviously and definitely from a dental professional!

Don’t try it at home by yourself. You can regret doing it. There are many dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry and can perform such an application process. It’s better to see this kind of dental professional. You can search for dental offices near you online. Dental professionals apply the adhesive material and tooth jewelry correctly so there won’t be any gaps under the tooth gem or any harm on the surface.

If you’re searching for affordable and quality service in the field of cosmetic dentistry, and you like traveling, our dental office is the best choice for you. Our staff and skilled dentists perform really good care of patients to guarantee the best results.

Price of tooth gems

Tooth gem cost depends on the material and the labor used to apply it. You can find both 5 dollars basic tooth gems that you can apply by yourself (not recommended) and for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

An important detail here is that sometimes tooth gem application procedure requires cleaning of the tooth surface or some other preparative procedures. These procedures generally are not included in the tooth gem price.

So, have an initial consultation with your dentist and ask him or her about the cost questions in your mind. Make sure that they are experienced in gem placement and look for reviews or photos of their works.

This has been our article on “are tooth gems safe?” If you have more questions, our medical consultants at Dentfix will arrange a free consultation with our licensed dentists to help you figure out the best path to have a beautiful smile for life.


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