Dental Crowns in Turkey: an easy guide on price and travel experience
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Dental Crowns in Turkey: an easy guide on price and travel experience

Table of Contents

Chapter 6: Dental Crowns Turkey

You made it to the last chapter, congratulations! Now you’re a pro on dental crowns. But how much do you know about dental crowns in Turkey? Well, if you don’t know much or you’re just curious, this chapter is for you! Dental crowns in Turkey are always in demand when talking about dentistry treatments. This treatment is very common, but it can also be expensive. The high quality of materials, the premium dental treatments, and the affordable prices are important factors why quality dental crowns in Turkey attract a large number of patients every year.

The most important factor is you won’t lose quality over the affordable price.

Traveling to a new country can be worrying and cause some anxiety in some people. No need to worry, we will go through some details about your time in Turkey. We hope this will help you make an informed decision and relieve you of some anxiety.

What you need to know about dental crowns in Turkey

Every year, thousands of international patients travel to get dental crowns in Turkey. Dental crowns are used for both aesthetic and therapeutic reasons. If you decide to get your dental crowns in Turkey, you’ll need to know why prices are so affordable and why you should trust a Turkish clinic and its expertise in dental restorations. You also will probably wonder about dental insurance and if they’re accepted in Turkey and how much a week or so will cost if you stay in Turkey or Istanbul.

You need to keep in mind there are many reasons to put your health in the hand of Turkish clinics.

Why get dental crowns in Turkey?

Dental crowns can be a life-changing procedure for a person. It helps with the appearance of teeth but also can help get your perfect smile back and protect your teeth. However, this dental treatment can also come at a hefty price tag. This is why Turkey has become one of the capitals of dental tourism. In fact, it allows patients to get the best possible dental treatment at a fraction of the prices of countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kindom, etc. Cosmetic dentistry quality is unmatched in Turkey. Yearly, hundreds of thousands of patients come to Turkey to get their healthy teeth back with premium dental treatment. But why should you get your dental crowns in Turkey? Here are a few reasons we offer premium dentistry:

  • Impressive dental clinics
  • All-Inclusive services
  • A skilled team of dentists
  • High-quality safe material

It doesn’t matter which type of crown material you want: E-Max Crowns, Porcelain Crowns, Ceramic Crowns, Disilicate Ceramic Crowns, etc. You’ll always have the best quality materials. And if all of these don’t convince you to come to Turkey for your dental crown treatment, think of it as a two-in-one situation. You get your teeth crowns and have a great holiday too!

How to choose the right clinic?

Some people say the best decisions are the ones taken with your gut. But when it comes to your health, you can’t just follow your gut. So how can you pick the right dental clinic for your dental crown procedures? By following these easy tips you can find yourself in the right clinic.

Tip 1 Check the facility. Having modern and up-to-date machinery and technology would be a plus.

Tip 2 How long has the clinic been operating? Check their dentists’ experience and reviews online as well.

Tip 3 Don’t just go for the cheap prices. Of course, not every place that offers reasonable prices is a bad clinic but if it doesn’t pass the other tips maybe it is not the best choice.

Tip 4 Being able to have open communication with the team and dentists in the clinic is important as well.

How long should I stay in Turkey for crowns?

It usually takes 4 to 7 days to fit and create your custom-made crowns.

This means you will need to stay in Turkey for at least a week. Dental crowns are created custom-made for you so there will be an initial visit and another single visit to fit and install the crowns. This means when it’s time for your dental clinic visit they will take the mold of your natural teeth. This is why getting a permanent crown takes time. So, when you get dental crowns in Turkey you need to know you’ll need to plan accordingly. The clinic will give you a temporary crown in the meantime.

What is the dental crown cost in Turkey?

If you’re wondering “How much do dental crowns cost in Turkey?” you should know you’re not alone. People want to avoid sky-high operational costs. This is why is probably the first question people ask when considering getting dental crowns in Turkey. As we explained the dental crown cost in Turkey is considerably lower compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, and most European countries. This is a great advantage for international patients who pick medical tourism and dental clinic in Turkey.

But how do prices compare? Let’s see it right here:

Types Of Dental Crowns Turkey the UK Europe the USA
All-Porcelain Crown $ 100 – $ 250 $ 590 – $ 1,110 $ 490 – $ 930 $ 600 – $ 3,000
Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crown $ 80 – $ 130 $ 435 – $ 1,110 $ 330 – $ 1,200 $ 500 – $ 1,500
E-Max Crown $ 130 – $ 250 $ 800 – $ 1,240 $ 490 –$ 1,200 $ 600 – $ 3,000
Zirconium Crown $ 130 – $ 250 $ 800 – $ 1,240 $ 600 – $ 985 $ 600 – $ 3,000

We talked in detail about why dental crowns in Turkey are a very affordable way of getting the highest quality crowns on a budget for an international patient. But why dental crowns in Turkey are so affordable?

When it comes to dental crown cost 5 factors influence the final price:

  • The medical tourism industry
  • High competition
  • The cost of living
  • Currency exchange

The currency exchange Euro/Dollar/Pound – Turkish lira makes the prices extremely affordable for people coming from abroad while being expensive for people with Turkish lira. However, this kind of affordability is seen only by people with strong currencies.

Medical tourism in Turkey allows a high number of people to come to Turkey more specifically almost a million people – and in particular Istanbul – to get their teeth done and a smile makeover. This helps with maintaining the market profitable, and affordable, with low and competitive prices. This also helps with giving doctors a huge experience and getting in contact with a lot of different patients, needs, cases, and requests. Also, it is possible to obtain and produce dental top-grade materials for a fraction of the price.

In addition, the government noticed how profitable medical tourism is and how beneficial it is for the country. So, the Turkish government helps the private health sector with incentives, low taxes, and other benefits. This has a strong influence on the prices, especially when it comes to low taxes.

Will dental crowns in Turkey be bad because of the price?

In the previous paragraph, we explained why Turkey can maintain affordable prices and perfect quality. Subsequently, the cost of dental crowns in Turkey is not causing a reduction in the quality of materials, services, and less experienced dentists. As a result, the materials used, the medical devices, and the dental crowns are the same as you’d find in Europe, the USA, Canada, and the UK.

In conclusion, we can provide real patient reviews so you can understand the treatment offered.

In case of any doubts about materials, services, equipment, or medical facilities, our team will be happy to answer your questions. We are always happy to help patients consciously choose the path that best suits their needs.

In addition, Dentfix uses E-Max and Zirconia crowns. They’re the best for quality, durability, materials, and strength and the most requested and appreciated by real patient reviews. During the consultation for crowns, we will go over all the details with you.

Is there an all-inclusive pack?

Yes, due to high demand, there are plenty of clinics that offer all-inclusive packs but the details could be different from clinic to clinic. At Dentfix we also have all-inclusive packages to make your experience convenient and one of a kind. Dentfix is one of the clinics that offers zirconium crowns Turkey package.

If you want to know more about the packages we offer, please get in touch with our customer service.

How can I pay in Turkey?

Our patients often wonder how the payment will be handled for dental crowns in Turkey. You have two options, these are the safer, easier payment methods we accept:

  • Cash: We accept cash payments. You can pay easily with the dollar, euro, or pound.
  • Credit Card: if traveling with cash is not for you, you can pay with a credit card. But, before you get to Turkey, get in touch with your bank to make sure you can use your credit card in Turkey if there is a limit and if there will be a commission.

Can I use my credit card to pay?

Yes, most clinics in Turkey would accept your credit card to pay for your dental procedures.

Is there a warranty on dental crowns?

Yes! We have no doubts about the quality treatments we offer. This is why we are happy and more than willing to offer you a 5 years warranty on your crowns. For any fractures with normal use, we will replace or repair them at no additional charge. You just come back to us and we will handle the situation.

Certainly, if you have any doubts about the warranty, please get in touch with us.

Will there be hidden costs?

No, when you trust Dentfix with your dental crowns in Turkey you won’t have to worry.

The costs agreed on during the initial consultation are always final. This means there won’t be any additional costs. There is, however, an exception. In case of medical emergencies requiring immediate intervention, there may be additional costs. This is very rare in the case of dental treatments but it’s meant to take the best care of our patients. To avoid this possibility, please be honest with your consultant and your doctor. Any allergy (medicine or any other), previous conditions, or diseases should be disclosed to avoid problems or allergic reactions.

If our dentist during the visit sees necessary they would talk to you about additional treatments that are needed for your oral health. Of course, you are free to choose whether or not to undergo any additional treatments. You will be provided with an extra quote and the option to accept or not. Nothing will be a surprise or forced on the patient.

Does insurance cover dental crowns in Turkey?

No, international health and dental insurance companies do not cover procedures in Turkey. It is impossible for Turkish private clinics to have deals and partnerships with international dental or health insurance companies. Besides insurance policies are different in each country. But prices in Turkey make it possible for everyone to have access to the best quality of dental services, the best doctors, the best materials, and the most luxurious clinics.

What to know about your vacation in Turkey?

Every year, tens of thousands of people pick Turkey as their destination for a vacation, maybe adding some medical treatment to the plan.

Most of the patients enjoy a vacation with organized tours and sightseeing with dental treatment. They end up enjoying the Turkish culture, Turkish cuisine, the historical landscape, the streets, nightlife, and museums. How to have a relaxing travel time? And how much will you spend to stay a week in Istanbul?

In the following paragraphs, we will give a step-by-step guide for you. Subsequently, this will lead to a stress-free booking, traveling, and vacation.

Which airport should I travel to come to Dentfix?

Dentfix is waiting for you in the heart of Istanbul. When it comes to picking the airport for your flight, you have two options, both situated in Istanbul.

  • ISTANBUL NEW AIRPORT (IST): it’s the main airport in Istanbul. It’s newly opened and situated on the European side of the city.
  • SABIHA GOKCEN AIRPORT (SAW): it’s a smaller airport situated on the Asian side of the city. It handles so many flights daily coming from every part of the world.

In short, It doesn’t matter if you pick one or the other airport, we will be there to pick you up!

Where is it possible to eat during the stay?

One of the best parts of your holiday will be discovering Turkish cuisine. You’ll be staying in a hotel offering international breakfast every morning, it will be delicious. You can choose to have the other meals in the hotel restaurant or go out and pick a new restaurant every day. The hotels are always in a central area, and you’ll easily find some incredible restaurants of your liking. The hotel team will be happy to guide you and help you pick a good one.

What are the costs in Istanbul?

Istanbul is not an expensive city and you’ll be able to visit without worrying much about the expenses of your travel time. Let’s see a few of the prices you may have in Istanbul.

  • Public Transportation: the card for public transportation will cost you around 1 dollar, while each time you take a ferry, bus, metro, or tramway you will spend from 0.50 to 0.80 dollars.
  • Restaurants: a meal, per person, will cost you from 5 to 12 dollars for each person. Of course, prices may change based on the meal, the neighborhood, and the type of menu. Be aware of tourists’ prices, they’re not usually convenient. Always ask for a menu with prices to avoid overpaying.
  • Museums: most monuments or museum tickets cost from 5 to 10 dollars. The cost of the ticket for the main monuments or museums varies from 5 dollars to 10 dollars per person maximum.

In conclusion, always keep in mind prices may vary and these are just examples to make you understand better how much money you’d spend in a week in Istanbul.



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