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How Are Veneers Put On?

Table of Contents

Chapter 3

It’s now time for you to venture into the third part of this complete guide on veneers. You’re now aware of most of the details about veneers and the types of veneers it’s time to talk about the veneers procedure.

The veneers procedure is very easy and requires only one to two appointments, depending on the type of veneers you’re getting. The dentist will need to prepare your teeth, file the enamel, and get a mould of your teeth. This mould is used by the dental lab to create custom-made veneers. The veneers are ready in one to two weeks, requiring just an additional appointment for fitting and installation.

If you want to know everything about how are veneers put on, keep reading this step-by-step guide.

How are veneers put on?

People interested in a smile makeover and veneers often wonder how the veneer process goes and it is put on teeth.

The veneer process is pretty easy. Only two appointments are necessary to put your veneers on. One will mostly be preparation and creating a mold of your teeth. The mold will allow custom-made perfectly matching dental veneers. During the second, the patients will finally have the veneers they always wanted. This whole process is painless and, if you fear tooth sensitivity, you can ask your dentist for a numbing injection. Tooth sensitivity will resolve by itself and you will be able to enjoy your brilliant smile.

You will get temporary veneers between the two appointments. However, if you are opting for one-day veneers, you will only need one of those dental visits.

The First Appointment

The first appointment is where most of the preparation happens and there’s a visit to assess the patient’s needs and situation. Now let’s see how the veneers process goes during the first appointment.

First, you need to talk! With your dentist of course. You will talk about your expectations, oral habits, and medical and dental history. You should disclose allergies, diseases, and habits such as smoking, nail-biting and teeth grinding.

After the talk, your dentist will check for any oral health issues such as tooth decay that need to be addressed before the veneer process. If there aren’t any issues you can move on to the teeth preparation stage.

Then, the dentist will grind the tooth surface to remove just 0.5-0.7mm of enamel from the front and sides. This creates a rough surface for bonding the veneer. Numbing may be available if desired, but the process is typically not painful.

Now it’s time for the mold. This mold creates perfect matching customized and tailor-made facets for you. The mold is then sent to the labs. This is the part when you can choose the color shade of your veneer.

Until your permanent veneers are ready, which will take 4 to 7 days, your dentist will put on acrylic temporary veneers for you. This is to protect your teeth until the final application process. This brings us to the second appointment.

The Second Appointment

This is where we can answer the “how are veneers installed?” question. You go back to the dentist’s office and continue the rest of the veneer process.

Firstly, your dentist will remove the temporary veneers and fit the permanent ones. The process will continue if the fit is perfect and there are no color discrepancies with your actual teeth, especially the neighboring teeth.

Then, your dentist will disinfect the teeth’ surface to prevent bacteria from getting trapped under the veneers. They will use a specialized solution for natural teeth and gums.

After that, your dentist will apply dental cement using it as a bonding agent on the area with the removed tooth enamel as a bonding material. A special light beam, an ultraviolet light, dries the cement extremely quickly.

A quick rinse and then the dental restoration is over. You can enjoy your beautiful, natural-looking smile!

Now it’s time to take care of your veneers, keep good oral hygiene, have regular follow-up visits during the year with your dentist.

If you had your veneers in Turkey, it’s now time to go home and enjoy your veneers.

We hope this helps when wondering about the veneers process. But let’s make some other things clear in the following paragraphs.

Same-day veneers procedure

It’s in the name!

This veneer process takes only one office visit! The preparation procedure is the same as other dental veneer procedures.

This type of veneer process is possible thanks to CAD/CAM technologies and refer to Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing. This 3D mapping technology helps your dentist create your custom veneers and then the milling machine creates them out of a solid block of dental-grade porcelain. This will take about as long as your preparation and then the installation. You will be done in no time!

Same-day veneers are always porcelain veneers as this technology is only available with porcelain veneers and not any other type of veneer. When it comes to veneers prices, this is the most expensive procedure.

Clip-on veneers procedure

Clip-on veneers follow the same procedure as the classic veneers and need two appointments too.

During the first appointment, the doctor will assess your dental health, talk to you about your needs and wishes, check the color of your teeth, take a mold, and send it to the lab. There won’t be any need to shave the enamel as clip-on veneers are only temporary and reversible. There won’t be an installation and placement of the veneer process. They can just go on and off like a nightguard!

Replacing veneers procedure

Veneers are strong and long-lasting but, sometimes, they can break and fall off. Usually, they fall off after 10-15 years or it could be because of not taking care of the veneers correctly. Usually, you can spot the signs when it’s time to replace your veneers. In case of your veneer falls off, call your dentist immediately and get an appointment. You will go through the same process as before and then your bright smile will be good as new

You can learn more about the veneer removal procedure in this article.

Frequently asked questions on veneers procedure

Here we have gathered the most commonly asked questions about the veneer process. Stick around and go through them you might find the answer to some of your questions as well.

Do they shave your teeth down for veneers?

Yes, in most cases. The only exception for tooth trimming is clip-on veneers. Your teeth are shaved down before veneers so they won’t look thick and unnatural. But this does not involve the whole tooth it is just a thin layer of the enamel. So no need to worry about any significant tooth reduction.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

It might feel like a big thing but no need to be anxious. Since getting dental veneers is semi-invasive there is not much preparation needed. During your initial visit, your dentist will let you know if anything needs to be done before getting your veneer treatment.

Do veneers require anesthesia?

No, not really. You can ask for anesthesia during your veneers procedure, but there is usually no need. Local anesthesia or numbing gel would suffice. Because the whole process is not painful at all.

What do they do to your teeth before veneers?

There will be X-rays, enamel removal, and getting a mold of the tooth surface. In some cases, deep cleaning and some fillings may be necessary. Before the application of the veneer, the teeth are deeply disinfected to avoid bacteria trapped between the tooth and the veneer.

How long do veneers take from start to finish?

The answer to the question of how long does it take to get veneers is only two appointments.

The first one takes approximately 1 to 2 hours while the second one takes 2 to almost 3 hours. If we consider the waiting period for the veneers to be completed and custom-made, the process will take 1 to 3 weeks. If you want same-day veneers they will be created in just an appointment and will take around 3 hours.

How veneers are fitted?

The dentist will take a mold of your teeth structure so they can create custom-made facets for you that perfectly matches your teeth. Preventing mishaps like your veneers turning black depends on the perfect fit with your natural teeth.

Can I choose the color of the veneers?

Absolutely, choosing the color of your veneer is an important smile design process. You and your dentist will pick the color of the veneers together that suits your teeth the best. The color should always suit your smile and the surrounding teeth to look natural and aesthetic.

Besides the color, how many veneers you get and how they suit your teeth and face are also incredibly important when crafting your smile, and can be discussed with your dentist.

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