How Veneers Change Your Face?

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So, how veneers change your face? Dental veneers are a significant tool when you want to change the appearance of your teeth. ? Naturally, due to altering your real tooth cosmetically, veneers will change the look of your teeth and smile. Your teeth and smile are a big part of how your face looks and the perception of your face. The next step is to think: do veneers change your face?

In this article, you will learn exactly how veneers change your face.

How does your dental structure impact the look of your face? 

Many people think of wrinkles as the primary sign of aging and naturally prefer botox as their treatment option. While this is reasonable and understandable, wrinkles are not the only factor in making someone look older.

Structural factors play an important role when it comes to how you look. For example, bone structure, teeth, and jaw alignment. But also the size and shape of your teeth have a significant impact on the look of your face.

When humans age, the face starts to lose volume in its soft tissue. For example, fat and skin as well as in its bone structure. These structures are what support the cheeks and the lips. Therefore the size,  shape, and alignment of the teeth affect the overall shape and the look of the face. 

Without proper support from the teeth and the jaw, the cheeks, of course, the face will sag and make you appear older.

How veneers improve the look of your face

As we age, our teeth also lose their volume and become thinner and thinner. This happens very slowly over time. Because of this, so we hardly notice the difference our teeth make to impact how our face looks. Veneers can add volume to your teeth. Also, they can help improve the size, shape, and color of your teeth. This gives your face a healthy, youthful look.

Improve facial symmetry and give you a minor ‘facelift’

Dental work like the veneer process gives fullness to your face, accentuating your cheekbones, making it appear more oval and symmetrical, which appear more pleasing to the eye. 

To try out how veneers change your face structurally, you can put on temporary veneers like store-bought snap-on veneers to see the effect they have on your appearance. 

Improve discolored teeth giving a bright smile

As we age, our teeth lose their white color because of the staining agents we consume. These can include certain types of medicine, coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, etc. The teeth can also lose their vibrant color over time due to just wear. 

If you decide to get, for example, porcelain veneers, your smile will instantly become whiter. With veneers, you can choose how white your teeth can appear and the white smile can significantly rejuvenate your face.

Veneers lengthen and straighten your smile

Because veneers can be made longer or wider than your natural teeth, they can lengthen and straighten your smile. The dental veneers will be made according to your specific dental cosmetic problem. So if you show more gum tissue when you smile, longer teeth will help you show more teeth instead of gum. This means you can smile more confidently and assert yourself in social situations.

How to choose veneers according to your face shape

While getting your veneers, your dentist can help you decide what kind of veneers to get according to your face shape, which could help you improve the balance of symmetry of your face as well. You can ask your dentist about the different types of veneers that can be custom designed from their catalog. 

For example, if you have a more angular face shape like a square face, your dentist may custom design your veneers to balance some of the harsher angles you may have. If your veneers are designed more round on the edges, your smile will appear rounder as well which will overall create a balance of your facial features. 

The same method can be applied to round faces; if you choose veneers with more pronounced edges, this can balance out your rounder features and create a more harmonious look for your face. 

What veneers can’t change

This doesn’t mean that veneers and other dental work will remove any signs of aging, especially on the skin. However, it will help to create subtly a younger and healthier look for your face because of the structural support they provide.

What veneers will not help treat is misalignment issues like underbite, overbite, or crossbite.  These alignment issues can also significantly impact how your face looks but they can only be treated with orthodontic treatment methods like braces, invisible aligners, or in severe cases jaw realignment surgery. 

Veneers are also not a general facial cosmetic procedure, so they cannot be expected to alter your face drastically. However, the change they will make to your appearance will be subtle and natural – which can be more appealing to some people.


One of the lesser-known benefits of veneers is the fact that not only they will change your teeth and smile, but they will also improve the overall look of your face. Veneers can be custom-made to your needs and desires, therefore in addition to your dental needs, you can choose the shape of the veneers to complement and create harmony to the rest of your facial features. They could also make you appear younger by providing structural support, changing your teeth’ size and shape. 

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