Turkey cheap clear braces: the “mystery” explained

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When you hear cheap you might think low quality, but that is not the case with Turkey cheap clear braces. Many reasons come into play when you consider the differences and that can affect the price in a major way without reducing the quality. So, before being skeptical, give yourself a chance to read through this article to better understand the differences and why Turkey offers cheaper clear braces.

What is the clear braces treatment process like?

When it comes to clear braces the treatment process is pretty simple. Simple as we put it for you, but in reality takes a lot of preparation and meticulous planning to get the desired result which is a beautiful smile. Now, here are the steps that your orthodontist will go through to get you your clear braces.

  • Step 1: During your consultation, your orthodontist takes pictures and 3D scans your teeth.
  • Step 2: Based on those 3D scans they will come up with your treatment plan and how many invisible braces you will need.
  • Step 3: The 3D scans are sent to be 3D printed into your clear braces.
  • Step 4: Your custom-made invisible aligner trays will be printed in a day and you can go in for your first braces

Sweet, right? But there are some differences when you want to get your clear braces in Turkey. How? Let’s move on to the next part and we will tell you.

How is the process different in Turkey?

Yes, there are a few differences in the process when you are getting your invisible aligners in Turkey. As we mentioned above, generally, the 3D scans from your teeth will be sent to the main office to be turned into clear braces. This process of 3D printing the trays takes time and based on the brand, it could be in a different country.

Here is where the main difference is. Turkey has its own brand of clear braces and since it is made in Turkey the process of sending the 3D scans and getting the braces ready will be shorter. Also, since it is inside Turkey and not coming from another country it would not involve customs and delays as such.

So less time and cheaper who doesn’t want that? Let us give you more reasons why!

Turkey is a great option: here’s why!

Not only you can find Turkey among the top 10 medical tourism destinations, but there are also a handful of reasons that make Turkey a great option for cheap clear braces. Stick with us to find out!

High-quality dentists

There are many highly qualified dentists and experienced orthodontists in Turkey, and furthermore, most of them have qualifications from the US and European countries. Also, the healthcare system in Turkey takes a lot of measures to keep the services of good quality not only for Turkish people but for foreigners and tourists as well.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Turkey is one of the cheapest compared to other European countries. This is due to a combination of both cheap labor and currency exchange rates in Turkey. The low labor price means you will pay less for the same dental care you would get in other countries. Tying that to the exchange rates if you are spending dollars and euros, it will be less pricy for you. Basically, it is a win-win situation!

High competition

The dental tourism industry is a major thing in Turkey and that plays in the dental prices as well. To attract more medical tourists and keep the business rolling each medical tourism corporation comes up with its own plans and packages. Due to this level of competition, it is easy to find affordable prices for clear braces in Turkey.

Can I trust Turkey for clear braces?

Yes, you can. As we said there are many highly qualified dentists and orthodontists that work in well-equipped and up-to-date dental clinics in Turkey. With a bit of research and maybe a few consultations you can definitely find some good options for your orthodontic treatments or any other dental treatment that you might need.

Why is it affordable?

Well, as we mentioned above with a combination of the low cost of living, cheap labor, and currency exchange rates the end result would be cheaper for getting your clear braces in Turkey. There is one more reason why you should consider getting clear braces in Turkey. Well, that is because they are made in Turkey!

Made in Turkey

Lastly, throughout the years, Turkey has developed the technology to create invisible braces and that has the most effect on the exact prices of clear braces. With cheaper prices for the same plastic materials that are used for other well-known brands of clear braces, why pay more? There is also a bonus, you do not have to wait as long since there would be no international shipping involved.

How do we prepare them?

We can say the same procedure takes place at most dental clinics. Your dentist 3D scans your teeth and takes pictures to determine how your teeth need to be moved in order for you to have straight teeth. On top of that, your dentist might also get a bite impression to double-check the process of your clear aligner treatment. Then the 3D scans will be sent to a computer program to calculate the specific number of trays you will need. When your custom-made invisible aligner trays are made and you start using them your teeth straightening journey has officially begun.

Traveling to Turkey for clear braces: this part is for you!

So if you have been with this article so far and have decided to come to Turkey for your clear aligner treatment this part is for you! We know it can be nerve-racking going to another country for dental treatment. But with the guidance of this article, we hope to help you relax and even enjoy your visit to the dentist!

How long do I need to stay?

Unlike traditional metal braces that follow a more specific treatment time, clear braces depend more on your specific treatment plan than the procedure itself. With clear braces, your orthodontist is going to give you custom-made clear aligners and a specific schedule to wear them. Now for your custom-made clear aligners to be ready it takes about 1 to 2 weeks. So that is the least amount of time you need to stay in Turkey. From that point forward, it is just smooth sailing.

Do I need to come back?

Yes and No, let us explain. The usual frequency to visit your dentist when you get your complete clear braces plan is every 6 to 8 weeks. But that does not mean you need to come back to Turkey every 6 to 8 weeks or you have to stay here for that duration. If you are consistent with wearing your clear braces and follow your schedule to a T you can definitely extend your revisit.

Do I need to come back if I break or lose one?

The answer is actually no! If you break or lose one of your custom-made clear aligners, you just need to follow the order and use the next one. Unfortunately, it is going to hurt physically and emotionally! The emotional hurt depends on how much you would blame yourself for breaking or losing your clear braces.

What can I do if I don’t know Turkish?

We are not going to lie, it is going to be tough. Turkey is not prominently a bilingual country and that could be a major challenge for medical tourists visiting. But no need to worry! Nowadays due to the rise of the dental tourism industry most dental clinics offer translators and interpreters for your convenience. But if you are looking to have a comfortable treatment option you can contact us at Dentfix!

At Dentfix, not only you will have an interpreter for the complete treatment of your clear braces but also your consultations, visits to the dentist’s office, and much more!


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