What happens if one of my veneers falls off?

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Finally! You have gone through the whole beautiful smile makeover procedure and gotten your veneers. But this question keeps gnawing at you ” What happens if one of my veneers falls off?” Could be terrifying, but no need to worry. In this article, we will tell you how to deal with this situation if one of your veneers falls off.

What happens if one of my veneers falls off?

Dental veneers are a permanent treatment and not a reversible one. From the moment the doctors shave your teeth, you will not be able to be without dental facets. In case of broken or cracked veneers or if the entire veneer falls off, you will need to replace them immediately.

Dental facets are usually very resistant and can last up to 15 or even 20 years if you properly take care of them. But sometimes, because of a hit or hard food or grinding, they can break prematurely. Be sure to contact your dentist immediately for a replacement the moment the veneer falls off. The dentist will go through a new veneer placement process and give you a new one. Keep reading to find out more about what happens if one of my veneers falls off.

Veneer fell off? Don’t panic – Here’s how to handle it

Just a reminder veneers should not fall left and right. But in a rare situation, if it happens we will tell you what to do and what steps to take to keep your tooth safe. This way you will know how to manage your natural teeth in order to be able to deal with your dental veneer issues as calmly and quickly as possible.

Don’t throw it away!

If your veneer breaks or comes off completely, do not throw it away. Instead, put the pieces of veneer in a small clean container so you can take them to your dentist. Your dentist will be able to examine and see what the issue has been.

Go to your dentist ASAP!

Veneers falling off is considered a dental emergency. So no time to lose as soon as your veneer came off call your dentist and make an emergency appointment. Take the veneer that fell off to your dentist as soon as possible so your cosmetic dentist can fix you a replacement veneer.

Take it easy

Whether your dental appointment is today or later make sure that you are taking care of the tooth that the veneer has come off of. Due to the preparation stage to get your veneers, your tooth is missing a layer of enamel and is more sensitive. Now that the veneer is not protecting your tooth, it could be more prone to cavities or even breakage and chipping.

Do not do it yourself!

Your veneers are not an arts and crafts project that a little glue or even superglue can fix! Unless your dentist gives you any specific instructions or temporary solutions do not attempt to reattach your veneer. Your dentist might suggest using drugstore glue for teeth to put your veneer back on as a temporary solution until your appointment.

Curiosity killed the cat! But before letting your curiosity get the best of you check out the link to know more about how super glue can affect your teeth.

Can you prevent veneers from falling off?

As we have mentioned before, in most cases veneers should not fall off. But to answer your question, yes, you can prevent veneers from falling off, and here is what you can do.

  • Use a night guard:
    Especially with porcelain veneers a night guard can protect them if you grind your teeth in your sleep. Even though the bonding adhesive used to fit your veneers are strong the constant pressure of teeth grinding can shorten the longevity of your veneer.
  • Practice good oral hygiene:
    One of the reasons that your veneer might come off is tooth decay. So the better you clean your teeth and mouth the better.
  • Mind your oral habits:
    Bad chewing habits such as nail biting or biting pens and pencils are not just bad for your actual teeth. These habits can harm your permanent veneers and cause them to break or fall off.
  • Not an expert dentist:
    Trying to find the cheapest option is not worth the trouble. Since veneers are a huge and long-term investment in your oral health, do your research and find yourself a dentist with expertise in cosmetic dentistry.
  • Regular checkups:
    Even with veneers you need to go in for your checkups every six months. This will help your dentist to prevent and address any issues that could happen such as tooth decay.
  • Getting old:
    Not you, your veneers! Of course, veneers can last up to 20 years but when you get to that point it is more probable to get loose veneers and they fall off.

Now, this brings us to the next part of the article.

What happens if you don’t replace your veneer?

Veneers are made to last for a pretty long time and 10 to 20 years is a long time. But even with the best veneers, there will be a level of wear and tear after all those years and that could cause problems for your healthy smile. Some of those problems are:

  • Bonding material loses its integrity and your veneers are more likely to fall off.
  • Even dental porcelain veneers might crack or chip if it is past their replacement time.
  • Veneers do not usually change color but after years of use, they can lose their nice shine and look dull.
  • Replacing your veneers would also give your dentist better access to examine the teeth under the veneers and fix any underlying dental issues such as tooth decay.

So to avoid these complications mark the date in your calendar to replace your veneers. In the meanwhile, make sure to maintain a good oral health routine to prolong your long-lasting smile makeover. So, you got your answer on what happens if one of my veneers falls off.

Still don’t know what to do? 

Veneers can be the way to get your perfect smile but that is not the end of it. To be able to keep your veneers for a long time you need to take care of them. But even with that bad things could happen. And one of those bad things is your veneer falls off. Whether it was your dentist’s fault or yours you have to remember that veneers falling off is a type of dental emergency. So, do not waste any time going to your dentist for a replacement veneer. Also, take the necessary steps we have told you in this article. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will have a better experience getting your veneers done and replaced.

But if you are still looking to get your aesthetic smile makeover contact us! Our medical consultants will get in touch with you in no time!  At Dentfix we look forward to your brighter smile!

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