What is a perfect smile? The society’s POV

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Nowadays societies have made some standards for the ideal smile and what makes an everlasting first impression. Considering the importance a smile carries in society, you might ask yourself “what is a perfect smile?”.

From teeth shape to gum being visible or not, to symmetry and to the shape of your lips. So many factors to keep in mind. But does a perfect smile really exist?

In this article, we will discuss all aspects including the factors contributing to creating a perfect smile according to the general belief and the essential points for it according to a dentist’s point of view.

Dentfix notes: Keep in mind, we firmly believe every smile is unique and has to be good for you, not for everyone else. We wouldn’t want you to feel self-conscious ever or feel like you don’t fit in a very general idea of what is a perfect smile. Take this article as a general explanation of society’s ideals.

Shall we begin?

What makes a perfect smile?

To better understand what makes a perfect smile, we should analyze all the facial and anatomical landmarks that play an important role in defining an attractive smile. In addition to teeth, lips, and their relationship together determine if a smile is pleasant or improvement is needed. Variable factors that create a perfect smile are:

  • Lips’ symmetry is crucial
  • Teeth’ characteristics to consider
  • Midline and the importance of symmetry
  • Smile arc plays an important role
  • Buccal corridors make your smile less desirable
  • No gums to be seen
  • No bottom teeth to be visible
  • Missing tooth, missing the beauty
  • How wide is the smile?

But how do these factors make a perfect smile? Let’s see!

Lips’ symmetry is crucial

The importance of lips in creating a perfect smile cannot be ignored. Upper and lower lips should be perfectly symmetrical and proportionate. The center of the lips should match completely with the facial and dental midline. If a person is not happy with the way their lip shape or size affect their smile, they can improve their lips by getting lip fillers or lip lift.

Teeth’ characteristics to consider

Undoubtedly, teeth are of utmost importance when judging a person’s smile. little imperfections in any aspect can make the smile less charming. Let’s discuss these aspects.

The color of the tooth

The color of the teeth is the first thing noticed by others while smiling. A natural shade makes a pleasing smile. Many people consider whitening their teeth. However, we should have in mind that the whiteness of teeth should match the whiteness of eyes. Excessive whitening results in an unnatural look.

Stains on teeth make the smile less appealing. Dental treatments such as deep cleaning and veneers could be a good solution for this.

The shape of the tooth

Incisors are located in the center front and are slightly larger than other front teeth and play a crucial role in the beauty of a smile. They should be perfectly symmetrical and identical, without any gap in between. The teeth should not be chipped, cracked, or have hairline fractures as they lead to a less appealing look.

In case of flaws, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry are the best options to get the perfect teeth shape.

Teeth alignment

Symmetry, symmetry, and symmetry, are the key to a flawless smile. What is a perfect smile when you have uneven teeth that don’t meet properly? Teeth must be aligned completely and without any biting abnormality. Straight teeth without gaps and asymmetry are what makes a smile perfect. An even teeth line adds to the beauty of the person’s smile.

If the patient is suffering from any type of malocclusion or teeth misalignment, several dental services can solve the problem, including:

Teeth texture

The tooth’s surface texture is essential for light reflection and enchanting glow. The enamel surface of natural teeth is smooth and causes a shiny glowing grim. If the texture is altered through time and becomes rough, the patient should visit their dentist for an ideal restoration besides drinking plenty of water.

Midline and the importance of symmetry

One defining factor for an ideal smile is the proportion which is explained by the use of two important anatomical landmarks: the Dental Midline and Facial midline. The dental midline is a vertical line that passes through the middle of the two upper front teeth and the two lower front teeth. This line should coincide with the vertical midline of the face, around which facial features are distributed evenly. If the dental midline doesn’t match, a deviated midline, Orthodontic considerations like braces or Invisalign, should be taken.

Smile arc plays an important role

Ever Heard of Smile arc or smile curvature?

It is an esthetic parameter described by the relationship between the curvature of the edge of the upper frontal teeth and the curvature created by the lower lip when the individual smiles. A flat smile arc is less attractive, but there are several ways to improve it. Braces, oral surgery, palate expanders, and the new method of smile arc protection are available options to give you a more pleasing smile.

Buccal corridors make your smile less desirable

One component of the smile that affects the beauty of a smile is the buccal corridor. But what is it and how does it affect the smile esthetics?

The space between the facial surface of the back teeth and the lips corners when a person is smiling is the buccal corridor. If the distance between the back teeth and lips corners while smiling is broad it creates a black and negative space that shadows your smile. People with minimal Buccal corridors have more beautiful smiles.

To fix the buccal corridor the patient can use braces or Invisalign to expand the dental arch and create a smile with more teeth showing, or They can get veneers and composites.

No gums to be seen

Even though healthy gums are essential for oral health, for an ideal smile, most of the gum tissue should not be seen above the top teeth. In more severe cases, excessive gum display while smiling which is also known as a gummy smile is considered esthetically unpleasant. Treatment options are Orthodontic procedures, Surgery, and botox injection.

In addition to showing a tiny bit of the gingival or gum tissue in an attractive smile, the natural color which is pink to light red also enhances the beauty of the appearance.

No bottom teeth to be visible

For a pleasant smile, the upper teeth should be dominantly visible, and teeth in the lower arc should not be shown. Lower teeth can be seen while smiling due to biting abnormalities or aging. Orthodontic treatments such as braces, which are available in different shapes and sizes, are one option for this problem. Another solution can be a lip lift. A rather permanent solution that can also improve the shape of the lips.

Missing tooth, missing beauty 

Undeniably an empty space in either one of your dental arches creates an undesirable image, especially in the front rows. For a mesmerizing smile, there should be no missing teeth. There are useful options to help improve a person’s smile.

How wide is your smile?

Studies show that a broad smile that shows a great number of teeth is considered desirable and attractive. No wonder Julia Roberts’ smile is called the most beautiful smile in the world. The perfect width for a smile is half the face width. As genetics is mostly responsible for this factor, most cosmetic dental techniques are not useful for it.

What’s important for a perfect smile according to dentists?

So far we have talked about the new trend that has been going on about the perfect smile for a while.

However, what dentists take into consideration as an ideal smile might differ from the trend’s definition in some cases. A dentist pays attention to the patient’s aesthetic goals, dental health, and genetics prior to the factors that make the so-called perfect smile.

Although there are definitions for a perfect smile all over the internet, we should always remember that this concept is best described for each person individually and based on their unique features. Having realistic expectations and consulting with your dentist gives you the radiant smile people would fall for.

So what is a perfect smile? Now you know the pearly answer!


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