Why are my teeth not whitening? Possible reasons and solutions explained

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We all want to have a brighter smile with whiter teeth. One of the most crucial points of our appearance is our smile. So beautifying it refreshes our self-confidence. We socialize more easily with a beautiful white smile, so we feel better. Our previous life practices may have damaged our teeth. We all want to do something about it. You can find many teeth whitening methods with a little research on the internet. Some of these are controversial methods, while others are scientifically proven. Some are medical treatments. Aesthetic prostheses also can be good options. However, sometimes the teeth whitening methods we apply may be inadequate or wrong. No matter what we do, we cannot get the shining smile we want. So we can desperately ask “why are my teeth not whitening”. In a such situation, you don’t have to give up. First of all, we need to understand the reasons for this situation and find the right solution. In this article, we will try to help you with these issues. So get ready, we’re getting started!

3 possible reasons why your teeth not whitening

Well, you are trying to whiten your teeth. You pay attention to your oral hygiene routines. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. You even went to the dentist. You have implemented special methods. However, you still haven’t found the whiter teeth you want. You naturally ask: why? There are some common causes that can cause this condition. Let’s take a look at the main ones now:

It may be your consumption habits

You may be trying too hard to whiten your teeth. But what you need to do is sometimes change your daily routines besides whitening. We consume many abrasive and staining foods during the day. Many food items such as coffee, red wine, and tomato-based sauces can stain your teeth. Not only that but also those with acidic content such as tomato-based sauces, vinegar, and lemon can erode your enamel layer. And also if you smoke, tobacco products can heavily damage all your inner mouth tissues like teeth, gums, and bones. All these factors invite decay and cause teeth discoloration. So if you are whitening your teeth, you may need to be more careful with your daily habits from now on. Of course, you may not want to avoid these foods completely. However, you can at least protect the beauty of your teeth by applying the right oral hygiene routines such as mouth rinse or brushing your teeth after consuming staining stuff.

You may have fallen for false methods

As we said, the effect of some teeth whitening methods is controversial. Many methods on the internet can quickly go viral and spread. People hope to be able to whiten their teeth at home with simple solutions. That’s why they put their hopes on these methods or they may try to intervene with any bleaching method without being fully aware of their teeth’s exact situation. Therefore, first of all, the most important thing is to be aware of the condition of your teeth. In this way, you can find the most suitable treatment method for you more easily.

Sorry! You came across a bad dentist

As in every professional group, you may come across people who are not competent in their field in dentistry. In such a case, you may be exposed to the wrong treatments. These treatments may be inadequate or harmful. This can have adverse effects on your teeth. This means more future expenses. Therefore, it is very important to choose your dentist well.

Why brushing doesn’t work?

Brushing habits are the most important protector of dental health and beauty. But as a protector, it allows you to maintain the current state. Although it can remove soft bacterial structures such as plaque, it will be insufficient against deeper problems or hard structures such as tartar. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are not competent equipment for whitening. When it comes to stains and other problems, you should remember that brushing your teeth is not a whitening method. It is a hygiene routine.

At-home remedies are not enough

Home remedies can be effective up to a point. However, as we said, natural formulas and non-professional interventions may be insufficient for full whitening. For example, let’s say you are doing oil pulling at home. It can be a partially effective solution if your only problem is soft plaque formation. However, it will be insufficient in the face of more fundamental and permanent problems just like strong and concrete tartar or deep stains.

Check your whitening agents 

The main materials used in teeth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. You can buy various tooth-whitening products such as whitening gels, toothpaste, or dental tape containing small amounts of these agents, as well as solutions containing them directly. The most effective whitening methods that you can apply at home are these kinds of dental products. However, these whitening agents are agents that should be used with caution. If over-applied too vigorously, they can erode your enamel, revealing darker layers of teeth, and have the opposite effect. It has abrasive effects on your teeth. You can also experience serious tooth sensitivity in such conditions. Because, after the enamel layer, there is another one called the dentin layer. And there are a lot of nerve endings in this layer. That’s why if you use concentrate solutions, you can experience pain related to sensitive teeth. So materials containing them often contain very dilute solutions. This can cause them to fail to whiten your teeth. So if your own solutions are not enough, the best option is to consult your dentist.

Teeth have too much damage

Sometimes your teeth may be too damaged to whiten, and classical whitening agents may not be sufficient for tooth decay, or broken, or eroded teeth. In such cases, the treatments you will apply on your own will not be enough. The best you can do would be to go to an experienced dentist and decide with him/her the most appropriate course of treatment.

Clinical treatments for heavily damaged teeth

So what can you do if the methods you tried were not enough? First of all, there is no room for despair. It is still possible to beautify your teeth. If you consult a specialist dentist, your dentist will analyze your situation and offer you the appropriate four options. We can list them as follows:

Option 1: office teeth cleaning and office bleaching

In-office cleaning and whitening are far more effective than the cleanings you can apply at home. Experts will do these works in the safest and most effective way, both with their equipment and with their experience. Your dentist will not only clean your teeth from tartar with the necessary equipment and experience for cleaning but will also whiten your teeth in the best way with a sufficient whitening agent. A dentist can quickly notice that the whitening agent is damaging your teeth and stop the treatment. At the same time, your dentist can also treat problems such as gum disease that will indirectly affect your teeth and cause discoloration.

Option 2: dental prostheses

Dental prostheses can be good aesthetic solutions in cases where our teeth do not improve with whitening agents and professional help. These are tools whose main function is to improve the appearance of your teeth. In addition, they are also useful for things such as ensuring the functionality of your teeth. However, since their main task is aesthetic correction, they are cosmetic treatments.

Option 3: veneers

Veneers are one of these aesthetic prostheses. They provide a beautiful appearance by covering the visible face of the tooth. For application, your doctor shaves a thin part of the visible surface of the enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, and places veneers specially prepared for you here. So once you have them, you need to wear them continuously. You can’t get it out.

Option 4: crowns

Crowns cover all surfaces of the tooth. Again, all surfaces of the tooth enamel are shaved as a thin layer for its application. Crowns are worn here. They can successfully mimic your natural teeth. You can choose a suitable material with your natural tooth color. So you can have a great smile with solid and white dentures that surround all the surfaces of your teeth. What you need to know is that just like veneers, crowns are an irreversible treatment.

If you need more detailed information, we, as Dentfix Turkey, are ready for you with our expert dentist staff and experienced team. A bright smile is everyone’s right!

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