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Welcome to the 5th chapter and an important part of our teeth whitening guide: the Teeth Whitening cost. Teeth whitening technology has come a long way and today you will find many modern and fast ways of whitening teeth. Budget is an important concern for people when they are choosing a whitening treatment. Teeth whitening cost is different for in-office treatments and home whitening products. In this article, we aim to make your search easier if you are looking for a whitening treatment or product for your whitening needs.

There is something, whether it is a treatment or a product, available for everyone. Along with other important details, knowing the average prices of popular whitening treatment options and products is a very important aspect. We here are trying to make the process of choosing what’s best for you easier by giving you the average teeth whitening cost of office and home treatments. Although more on the pricey side, office whitening remains the most effective against severe tooth discoloration, deep-set stains, etc.

There are three popular whitening systems available for in-office dental whitening. The prices of these systems begin from $300 to $1,500 or more, depending on the severity of dental problems. On the other hand, there are home whitening products also available, more appropriate for people who want budget-friendly options and do not have severe problems. The price range of these products including custom and ready-made home whitening trays, strips, etc. lies between $3 and $600. You can choose a product according to your budget as well as dental issues.

Professional Teeth Whitening Cost

For someone who is not aware, professional teeth whitening is one where teeth whitening is performed in a dental office. Professional teeth whitening cost differs according to the whitening system chosen by the dentist and patient. Each system contains a different bleaching formula with hydrogen peroxide and other agents.

Each whitening treatment and product we have mentioned offers its own set of advantages. While some of them are more powerful than others, it is important to know the one that suits your needs the best because not everything will suit everyone.

The three most popular office whitening systems are Zoom Teeth Whitening, Opalescence Teeth Whitening, and Kor Teeth Whitening. The bleaching formula in these systems is what makes them different from each other. Choosing one could perhaps get easier based on their prices.

Therefore, here are the types of whitening systems and their prices:

TYPES OF WHITENING Avg price Minimum price Maximum price
Zoom Teeth Whitening $500 $300 $700
Opalescence Whitening $750 $500 $1000
Kor Teeth Whitening $1000 $500 $1,200
Dental Custom trays $400 $200 $600
Ready-made Whitening Trays $105 $50 $200
Whitening Strips $40 $20 $70
Whitening Toothpaste $12 $3 $20
Whitening Pens $45 $20 $70

* The prices given above are average prices and each dental clinic may offer different prices.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost

In this day and age, many whitening systems are available but the question is which one is suitable for you. The cost is a major factor for many people. Zoom teeth whitening is one of the popular professional and in-office whitening systems. It claims to target discolored teeth and deep, dark stains with the help of a 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The average cost of the Zoom whitening system is around $300 to $600 and this includes the in-office treatment as well as take-away home whitening trays.

Most dental clinics, including ours, usually couple a whitening treatment with a deep cleaning procedure. A deep cleaning treatment is usually a part of the package or is separately charged. A cleaning treatment before the whitening treatment helps remove the debris and build-up of plaque. It allows the whitening bleach to penetrate more deeply and effectively thereby giving the best results. The average cost of deep cleaning session in clinics lies somewhere between the range of $100 to $300. Since a lot of times, there are dental packages including whitening and cleaning, you may find discounts. However, it depends on the dental clinic you pick and their price structure. With good and persistent oral care, the effects of the treatment may last for a year to sometimes even 4 years.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Cost

Another popular whitening system for office whitening is the Opalescence Teeth Whitening. This system is more famous because of its strong bleaching formula that contains 40% hydrogen peroxide. Since it contains a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it is known to show better and more visible results. The average cost of the Opalescence Teeth Whitening system including the home trays is $500 to $1000. It costs more than the other whitening systems because it contains a higher level of hydrogen peroxide. However, even though it contains a higher percentage of bleach it is the safest formula among all because it contains potassium nitrate and fluoride. These agents protect the teeth from getting too sensitive during and after the procedure. Moreover, the use of laser light is optional in this whitening system which is ideal for people with tooth sensitivity or sensitive teeth because UV lights can be a bit strong for them.

KöR Teeth Whitening Cost

There are a couple of whitening systems available now, thanks to modern dentistry. Kor whitening system qualifies as both an in-office and at-home whitening system. Unlike other whitening systems, there is a proper process in place. It starts with a preparatory desensitizing treatment in the office followed by a home whitening tray kit. The procedure ends with an hour-long in-office bleaching treatment. Since Kor combines both office and home treatments, its cost is also slightly higher than the others. The average cost of this whitening system along with its at-home whitening tray system is $500 to $1200. The in-office bleaching formula contains over 30% of hydrogen peroxide whereas the 14-day tray set contains 16% carbamide peroxide.

It claims to target many cosmetic issues such as tetracycline stains, coffee stains, discolored teeth caused by tobacco products, etc. Moreover, it is allegedly the only bleaching system in which refrigerated bleach is used. Cooling of the bleach supposedly allows it to be more potent and at the same time, it stays active on the teeth for a long time.

Home Teeth Whitening Cost

Similar to office whitening, there are many home whitening products with various price points and varieties. Since most of these products offer temporary results, their prices are lower than professional whitening. Home teeth whitening products include whitening trays, strips, pens, and other over-the-counter products such as gums and mouth rinses.

At-home whitening trays cost

While professional whitening is a more reliable and long-lasting way of getting a brighter smile, some people still prefer to buy teeth whitening kits and products due to various reasons. One of the whitening products easily available in markets is home whitening trays. They come in one-size-fits-all trays with different bleaching strengths and application instructions. There are many brands available but the average price range of home whitening kits is from $50 to $200. On the other hand, there are custom trays also available but one can only find them at a dental clinic. Since they are customized as per the patient’s teeth, the price of these trays is higher than the usual commercial ones. The average price range of a custom tray kit lies between $200 and $600.

Whitening Strips Cost

Many people prefer ready-to-use whitening strips over other types of home whitening products because they are easy to use and do not cost much. However, their results are not that long-lasting and they take a long time to show results. The average whitening strip cost lies somewhere between 20$ and 70$ and the amount differs from brand to brand. Each box contains enough strips to last you a week or two weeks for slightly white teeth. We recommend you consult your dentist before using whitening strips because if used incorrectly or overused, they can cause certain adverse effects.

Whitening Pens Cost

Among over-the-counter whitening products, whitening pens are quite popular these days. They are much the same as whitening strips except they come in a pen shape. Again the usage is easy because they come with a brush applicator. The average price of whitening pens is somewhere around 20$ to 70$ depending on the brand you choose. Again we suggest you speak with your dentist before trying whitening pens because they do contain a limited amount of bleach and can cause adverse effects. Overuse or incorrect usage can lead to severe gingival irritation. The cost of this product may be low but if you have severe discoloration, it may not work for you.

Whitening Toothpaste Cost

Not so recent but a fairly popular product for the whitening process at home is whitening toothpaste. They are available at nearly every supermarket or drugstore and all one has to do is replace their old toothpaste with a whitening one. Like the other products, there are many brands available and each one offers a different whitening formula. Most of them contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide but not more than 0.1%.The average price range of whitening toothpaste is somewhere between $3 and $20 depending on the brand of your choice.Before you add a whitening toothpaste to your oral care routine, we recommend you check with your dentist first. As these kinds of toothpaste contain certain types of abrasives, you must be careful, especially if you have sensitive teeth or gingival irritation.

Other Over the counter products cost

There is a huge variety of whitening products available in the market these days. Apart from strips, one can also find quick to use products such as gums, mouthwashes, etc. The average price of whitening mouthwashes lies somewhere between $7 to $30 according to the brand you choose. On the contrary, you can also find certain gums in the market that contain whitening ingredients. The average price of these gums is $2 to $15 and again it depends on the brand you buy. Most of them contain an ingredient called xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol found in certain fruits and vegetables. Research shows that it prevents tooth decay and since it does not contain any artificial whiteners, it does not have any adverse effects on one’s health.

What is the average cost of teeth whitening?

The cost of teeth whitening depends on the kind of whitening one prefers. Professional teeth whitening is of course higher in price in comparison to home whitening products. The average price of professional or office teeth whitening is $100 to as high as $2000 but it depends on the whitening system you choose. It all comes down to what your budget is and what your needs are. Simultaneously, there are different types of home whitening products available also more suitable for people with minor cosmetic problems. The average price of home whitening products starts from as low as $2 and goes up to $400 or more depending on the brand you pick. The choice of the brand matters a lot because each brand offers a different price point. Hence, it all depends on your budget, your needs, and what your dentist suggests to you.

FAQs on the cost of teeth whitening

We receive several queries about the teeth whitening cost and whether or not it is affordable. Teeth whitening cost differs from treatment to treatment and the mode of whitening you choose i.e, home or office. Here are the common queries we receive regarding the prices of teeth whitening treatments:

How much does laser teeth whitening cost?

The cost of laser teeth whitening depends on the type of whitening system you pick in the dental clinic. Many office whitening systems consist of laser exposure or the activation of bleach and its penetration into the tooth enamel. On average, laser teeth whitening systems such as Zoom and Kor cost between $500 to $1000. The best way to find out the average cost of laser whitening is to get in touch with an experienced cosmetic dentist or oral hygienist. For a quick response with a quote according to your budget, get in touch with our team today.

How much does teeth whitening cost with insurance?

Because teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure and not a vital dental procedure, insurance may not cover it. However, it depends on the kind of insurance you have since some private health insurances may cover extra procedures. Most of the general insurances in the world do not cover teeth whitening and one needs to pay out of their pocket for whitening.

How much does it cost to get your teeth permanently whitened?

Teeth whitening is a temporary cosmetic procedure that lasts for 3 to 6 months. There is no such procedure as permanent teeth whitening in dentistry. People looking to permanently whiten their teeth are better off with procedures such as dental veneers, dentures, or crowns. Moreover, their prices are much higher than whitening but their effects may last longer of course. Discuss your options with a dentist to pick the one that suits your dental situation and budget the best.

Is teeth whitening necessary?

Whitening is a supplementary procedure that only improves the appearance of your teeth. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, it is not necessary but if someone wants whiter teeth and brighter teeth, it is a great solution. Most whitening procedures include a deep cleaning session which not only whitens the teeth but also cleans the deep-set debris and plaque. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for someone who wants to improve their oral health and also wants a whiter smile. For more information, you can get in touch with our dentists and they will guide you as per your budget requirements and dental needs.


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