Why do veneers look like horse teeth and what can you do about it!

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One of the questions in our mind might be, “Why do veneers look like horse teeth.” If the veneers don’t fit the mouth right, they might look like horse teeth. This expression may appear funny and childish, but it is better to discuss it clearly.

Choosing an experienced dentist who is professional in combining scientific knowledge and artistic skills to create a natural smile is essential. An experienced doctor can determine the appropriate material and color suitable for you by considering your face shape and skin color. In addition, a qualified dentist can choose the proper size and should have finesse in applying them correctly.

If you want to get veneers and are worried about the result, or you already have them, but they look like horse teeth, don’t panic. We are here to answer the question “why do veneers look like horse teeth?” in the following.

The reasons why veneers look like horse teeth

A beautiful smile is an important factor in human life. It influences our self-esteem and social lives. Many factors together create a beautiful smile, like teeth size, color, and shape. If one of these is missing, it’s likely to have veneers that look like horse teeth. Nothing to worry about, we’re here for you!

Veneers are an option for people to fix their teeth disorders and to have a perfect smile. If your dentist misses any minor detail in this procedure, it may have bad consequences, like looking like horse teeth. Then it will be another problem for you, and you should try to solve it again.

Faults in making suitable veneers cause some people’s teeth to look like horse teeth. And nobody wants that! We know it can be sad, but we are here to help you by explaining the reasons that can cause this problem.

So why do veneers look like horse teeth? Here’s why:

  • Wrong Size
  • Incorrect application
  • Bad material
  • Wrong color

In the following steps, we will explain these factors and how they affect the veneer’s outcome.

Wrong size

Every type of face has its own ideal tooth sizes to balance the features and look their best. Some people have small mouths or jaws: their veneers should be small. A skilled dentist can determine which tooth sizes are appropriate for each patient to look natural. Too big veneers may cause them to appear bulky and unnatural and look like horse teeth.

You may experience discomfort while wearing veneers if they are not properly customized to fit your teeth or if they are too large for your mouth and teeth. They might also overhang, which would make it difficult for you to bite or even speak.

Incorrect application

One of the main reasons why veneers look like horse teeth might be their incorrect application. If measuring and placing veneers were not done carefully, their appearance won’t be good.

The correct application of veneers is essential, not only for their appearance but also for maintaining healthy teeth and their function. If your doctor doesn’t apply it properly, you could have mouth injuries.

Bad material

There are different types of dental veneer materials used by dentists, like porcelain veneers, zirconium veneers, composite veneers, and much more. It is the dentist’s skill and experience to decide which type of material would be best suited for each individual case. Using inappropriate material for veneers can cause the teeth to be bulky and bigger than they really are.

Many doctors suggest zirconium veneers because they look very similar to natural teeth. They’re not noticeable and don’t draw attention to themselves so they can be a good option. But before you decide on the kind of veneer material, talk with your dentist.

Wrong color

If the color of the veneers is so white, it can look bigger. You can ask your dentist about the best color for your dental veneers. He/she can use special tools to measure the color of your lips and eyes. Then he/she can recommend the right color for you.

What Can I Do If My Veneers Look Like Horse Teeth?

So what if your veneers look like horse teeth? Is there any way to fix it? Of course, there is. The first step to solving this problem is to change your doctor. The second step is to figure out how much is the difference between your expectation and your existing veneers and be specific with your doctor about your needs and wants. But before making any decision, you should consult a cosmetic dentist.

Don’t feel stressed, even if your veneers look like Mr. Ed teeth. Dentists with plenty of experience will usually offer great advice on how to solve the issue. Now, we will provide some suggestions for effectively resolving it.

Change your doctor

To achieve a natural-looking smile, choosing a qualified doctor is crucial and a huge investment in yourself. If you’re unhappy with your existing veneer structure and you feel they are too bulky, then it may be time to find a new doctor who has a different approach.

A good dentist must know about the latest techniques and technologies that help them provide a natural smile and should be able to choose the right material and make the application properly, and determines the size of veneers suited to you.

Be specific with your doctor about your needs.

Before going to visit a dentist, think carefully about what exactly you want from your treatment. Make sure you are completely clear about your expectations so that the dentist can provide you with the best possible result. Include all details when describing your problems; for example, if you want smaller teeth with natural color, mention that. You should include every detail about what you want because it helps the dentist to understand your situation more clearly.

Seek consultation

It is always better to seek professional advice before starting any treatment. A consultation will allow you to ask questions and discuss your concerns with the dentist. This will help you understand what outcomes you can expect from your treatments.

With Dentfix, you are one step closer to a beautiful smile.

Contact us for a free consultation and tell us about your needs, problems, and medical history. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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